What is Fraternity & Sorority Life?

Social & cultural fraternities, sororities and social fellowships are student organizations whose primary purpose is the personal development of their members, as distinguished from honorary, professional, departmental and service fraternities. 

Some fraternities and sororities are culturally and/or community based. Social/cultural fraternities and sororities may select   members according to subjective criteria consistent with the University’s nondiscrimination policies. Unlike most other student organizations, membership in a social/cultural fraternity or sorority is normally a lifetime affiliation, and generally students are not permitted to be initiated into more than one social/cultural fraternity or sorority. 

Social/cultural fraternities and sororities promote intimate relationship bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, and members typically refer to fellow members as “brothers” or “sisters.”

Social/cultural fraternities and sororities typically have rituals and creeds which promote the ideals such as friendship, loyalty, academic achievement and intellectual development, service to the community and the alma mater, honor and integrity, leadership and personal responsibility. 

Why Join?

Fraternities, sororities and social fellowships offer the opportunity to come in contact with new people who share similar interests and values and who will become your friends for life. These organizations bring out the best in their members through strong friendships and common goals. Most importantly, fraternities, sororities and social fellowships have an impact on their members’ lives in many ways, offering learning and life experiences through their core values of community service, friendship, leadership and scholarship.

Four Pillars of Fraternity & Sorority Life

The result of fraternity and sorority membership: a bond that transcends time and space, a friendship that lasts a life time. A fundamental principle of every fraternity and sorority chapter is a brotherhood or sisterhood that one shares through the good times and provides support during the difficult challenges that come with being a college student.

Academic excellence is a tradition and priority to fraternity & sorority members. At the University at Albany, our community strives to maintain a high quality of scholarship in our fraternity & sorority community. In order to be eligible for membership, students must have at least a 2.65 GPA.

Philanthropy & Community Service
Each year, members of the fraternity & sorority community contribute thousands of hours and dollars to local and national charities. This year members of the fraternity & sorority community at UAlbany completed over 21,000 hours of community service.

Here at UAlbany, members of fraternities and sororities hold some of the most prestigious and powerful positions in Student Association, Residential Life, and various other University organizations. Fraternity and Sorority life also offers many leadership opportunities on an organizational, sub-governing council and All Greek Council level. As well as the many positions that fraternity and sorority members hold all over campus, there are many leadership opportunities on a Chapter, Sub-Council and All Greek Council level.