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The Great Dane Project!

The Great Dane Project is an initiative designed to celebrate our University pride by converting 4 foot tall, 60 lb. fiberglass Great Danes into unique works of art that reflect the spirit of the University at Albany community. Nineteen Great Dane statues have been graciously donated by University Auxiliary Services. Eighteen Great Danes were “adopted” by various campus entities, listed below.  The nineteenth was reserved as the “Community Dane” in honor of our 19th President, Robert J. Jones.  The “Community Dane” was decorated on September 26th with thumb prints added by the University President, students, faculty, and staff throughout the “We are UAlbany” event.

All Danes are available for viewing for the remainder of the semester in the Science Library.

Great Dane Adopters:

Alumni Association
Alumni Quad
Colonial Quad
Community Dane
Downtown Campus
Dutch Quad
Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance Service
Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
Indian Quad
Intercultural Student Engagement
Interfaith Center
Leaders in Service
New Student Programs
Rockefeller College
State Quad
Student Association
University Apartments
University Auxiliary Services (UAS)

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