Information for Students

What is Collaborative Online International Learning?

Students from 2 or more universities and countries team up online for projects as part of their course.  

How do I find COIL courses?

COIL is a search item on the Schedule of Classes!

How do I know if I am in a COIL course?

The Schedule of Classes and your syllabus will identify the course as COIL.

How does COIL work?

From FIU (Florida International University) COIL…

From the UAS7 Virtual Academy (German Universities of Applied Sciences 7), in German, with subtitles in English…

What can I expect?

  • A free online module lasting for part of my semester course
  • An icebreaker followed by a joint project and reflection, for credit and a grade
  • Engaging blend of synchronous and asynchronous on learning/social media platforms (ex.: ZOOM, What’s App)
  • Group teamwork, co-creating new knowledge, and class-to-class wide discussions
  • Teammates speaking multiple languages and living in different time zones

How can I be successful?

  • Follow your professors’ leads and look forward to this exciting journey 
  • Embrace the benefits and challenges of teamwork in diverse learning communities
  • Treat everyone and their ideas with respect
  • Approach new digital platforms and projects with curiosity and confidence 
  • Practice flexibility with meeting times, connectivity issues, and changes 

Where can I find resources to support me?

Why am I doing this?

  • To acquire the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes to advance me in future courses as well as job and/or graduate school applications and interviews
    • Knowledge - inter-disciplinary global learning, real-world/time problem-solving, and digital literacy/professionalism
    • Skills - remote work on diverse/global teams, active listening, project management, and transcultural presentation
    • Attitudes - equitable collaboration, perspective-taking, empathy, and cultural humility

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What do COIL students/alum say? 

In my major, global leadership is at the forefront, which is why I was so excited to take this course, which allowed me, in real time, to connect with students, not only from Germany but from around the world, and to expand upon language and culture and communication skills that are necessary for emerging young leaders. (UAlbany Leadership student, 2021)

The virtual international course helped me meet new people and broaden my horizons. Through collaboration, I learned new ways of thinking which was very inspiring. I think that a pure theory course is not that effective, but when you experiment with other students, present your results in the course, and explain the procedure, it increases the learning process. This activity has encouraged me to learn more about the German culture, education system, and the prevailing industry there, and to travel to Germany to see my new classmates. (UAlbany Engineering student, 2021)

Starting my studies, I was wondering what it would be like to work in the future with colleagues or business partners from other countries while speaking English. Getting to be a part of the COIL-project gave me a taste of what that would be like. At the end of our groupwork we all agreed on how much fun we had getting to know each other. We really liked working together and have invited each other to visit our cities and to spend some time together one day. (Berlin School of Economics and Law student, 2021)

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