Accounting (BS)

Actuarial & Mathematical Sciences (BS)

Africana Studies (BA)

Anthropology (BA)

Art (BA)

Art History (BA)

Atmospheric Science (BS)

Biology (BA & BS)

Business Administration (BS)

Concentrations in:
Financial Analyst Honors Program
Information Technology Management (ITM)
Management (combined concentrations only)
Combined Concentrations (combination of two concentrations)

Chemistry (BA & BS)

BS Concentrations in:
Chemistry Emphasis
Chemical Biology Emphasis
Forensic Chemistry Emphasis

Chinese Studies (BA)

Communication & Rhetoric (BA)

Computer Science (BA & BS)

Computer Science & Applied Mathematics (BS)

Criminal Justice (BA)

Digital Forensics (BS)

Documentary Studies (BA)

East Asian Studies (BA)

Economics (BA & BS)

English (BA)

Geography (BA)

History (BA)

Concentrations in:
United States

Human Biology (BS)

Human Development (BS)

Informatics (BS)

Concentrations in:
Interactive User Experience
Social Media
Data Analytics
Software Development
Information Technology (offered fully online)

Interdisciplinary Studies (BA & BS)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (BS)
Bio-Instrumentation (BS)
Environmental Science (BS)

Concentrations in:
Ecosystems Specialization
Climate Change Specialization
Geography Specialization
Sustainability Science and Policy Specialization

Financial Market Regulation (BS)
Globalization Studies (BA)
Medieval & Renaissance Studies (BA)
Public Health (BS)
Religious Studies (BA)

Japanese Studies (BA)

Journalism (BA)

Latin American Studies (BA)

Linguistics (BA)

Mathematics (BA & BS)

Music (BA)

Philosophy (BA)

Physics (BS)

Political Science (BA)

Concentrations in:
American Politics
Global Politics
Political Theory
Public Law

Psychology (BA)

Public Policy (BA)

Concentrations in:
Environmental Policy
Gender, Race, and Society
Human Services: Health, Education and Labor
Law and Civil Rights
Local Government
Philosophy and Ethics
Quantitative Tools
Regulation and Public Finance
Technology and Policy
Urban Issues
World Affairs

Social Welfare (BS)

Sociology (BA)

Spanish (BA)

Concentrations in:
Hispanic Literatures and Cultures
Spanish Language, Linguistics, Teaching

Theatre (BA)

Urban Studies & Planning (BA)

Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA)