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The first listings on this page contain additional information, policies, and regulations about the Ph.D. program. The other items are resources that students have found useful in the course of their study. 

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INF PhD Program Academic Probation

Students in the Ph.D. Program will be placed on Academic Probation if they:

  1. do not have an approved and signed Program Plan by the end of the first year; OR
  2. have a grade of "I" in any course that has not been cleared within one year; OR
  3. have failed the General Comprehensive Exam once

Conditions (1) and (2) would be suspended (i.e., the "clock" would stop) for students on a Leave of Absence.

Students will be notified by letter from the Program Director or Department Chair that they have been placed on Academic Probation. Students may appeal to the Ph.D. Faculty and then the Department.

Removal of probation is the responsibility of the student, whose advisor must notify the Director in writing as appropriate to the condition of probation. The Director will inform the Ph.D. Faculty at its next meeting of successful resolution, and the student will be notified in writing of formal removal of probation.