Experiential Learning

Employers consistently recommend a capstone experience for students from all concentrations to work together, bringing their skill set to a team to create a business or complete a project, each bringing forth their area of expertise. This can be done as part of the experiential learning opportunity requirement within the program.

Informatics students are encouraged to pursue opportunities for experiential learning, via internships, modified co-ops, independent research, capstones and community service placements where students can put into practice the technology skills they learn in classes.

How to Learn about Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Information Science Department is NOT responsible for matching students with opportunities. We will work with students to identify potential opportunities, but it is up to the student to actively apply and interview for opportunities. Do NOT wait until the last minute as many internship, community-based organizations, and research groups “hire” students well before a semester begins! You should always be looking for opportunities.

Students with the INF B.S. are required to do at least 9 credits of experiential learning. Classes can be repeated once, so each students must do at least two different kinds of experiences. Only students who are fully online may take INF 469.


Experiential Learning Classes

Learning Agreement for Classes

Opportunities for Students


Note to Employers: If you are looking for interns, please contact the Information Science Department office at (518) 442-5110 or infosci@albany.edu.