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Institute for Global Indigeneity


Areas of Focus

Scholars’ Institute

The emergence of Indigenous research methodological frameworks has provided a strong source of critique for Western methodological frameworks that have (often knowingly) continually perpetuated and accentuated the negative impact of colonization for Indigenous peoples around the world. In addition, and arguably more importantly, Indigenous research methodological frameworks have also given power to Indigenous standpoints that more accurately and sensitively guide future research towards more diverse, appropriate, and valid representations of Indigenous perspectives, voices, and experiences.

The goals of the Scholar’s Institute are to: 

  • Enhance collaboration between early-career Indigenous faculty and scholars with researchers at UAlbany
  • Support research and scholarly development and capacity of emerging Indigenous researchers and scholars
  • To encourage scholarly alliances between Indigenous scholars and critical friends

The Institute for Global Indigeneity coordinates two research and training initiatives that promote opportunities for collaboration with Indigenous scholars.

Fellows Program

IGI Fellows Program enables Indigenous scholars from anywhere in the world to come to U-Albany to work with our esteemed researchers/scholars. Open to Early-career academics and advanced graduate students who wish to work on a research project, publication or grant proposal of interest to the mentor, the Fellows Program exists to build capacity amongst Indigenous scholars and to integrate them into strong international and local partnerships.

Once applicants identify a U-Albany scholar with whom he or she would like to work, IGI will aid in brokering an agreement between the scholar and mentor. Faculty mentor would agree to provide guidance and support in regards to research and scholarship.

UAlbany faculty are also allowed to nominate Indigenous candidates from anywhere in the world, provided they agree to serve as the candidate’s mentor.

How the Fellows’ Program works:
- identify as an Indigenous person
- can be from any field or discipline
- have an interest in working with/being mentored by a U-Albany scholar
- plan to be in residence for up to 4 months in Albany during the time of the fellowship

IGI would provide free housing to the Fellow for up to four months, and full access to libraries and facilities. All other costs associated with the residency, including travel costs will need to be covered by the Fellow.

Writing workshops

IGI will convene an annual Writing Workshop designed to help emerging Indigenous scholars to develop and hone strong academic writing skills. Advanced graduate students, early-career faculty and researchers are eligible to attend.

Initiative on Indigenous Identity

Applied Research and Demonstration Projects

IGI provides a ‘structure’ (in the form of an institutional home and in terms of a collection of like-minded scholars) to support the launch or continuation of important demonstration projects that have relevance to Indigenous populations. By reaching out to grant leaders and UAlbany applied researchers, service delivery initiatives related to a number of issues such as trauma, gender roles, and mental and physical health amongst Indigenous populations`may be explored.

The Institute actively recruits researchers who are interested in applying for selective grants to test new approaches to service delivery.