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Institute for Global Indigeneity


The University at Albany’s Institute for Global Indigeneity (IGI) is a brand new initiative of UAlbany, SUNY, whose goal is to raise the profile of Indigenous research – local, national, and international – and to serve as a repository for campus-wide research, programs, and initiatives that are of interest to Indigenous peoples around the world. We are committed to working responsively with Native American and other Indigenous researchers, scholars, and students.

Why Indigeneity? The term “indigeneity” has come to represent a sense of commonality amongst the world’s “Indigenous peoples” in contrast to various other groups. It also draws attention to inhumane, colonizing, and oppressive treatment that nation states and the international community has perpetrated on Indigenous populations.

University Senate Forum:
Indigenous Peoples of the Northeast: Past, Present and Future

Monday, April 26th, 2021
12:30 - 2:30 PM
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The latest issue of AlterNative, Volume 12, Issue 5 is a special issue entitled "Indigenous Peoples, Popular Pleasures and the Everyday," guest edited by Bronwyn Carlson and Michelle Harris.