IMS Alumni

Winston K. Scott


Curriculum Vitae


BA Anthropology, University of Utah, 2003.
MA Anthropology, University at Albany,SUNY, 2006.
PhD Anthropology, University at Albany,SUNY, 2012

Current Research

Completed dissertation fieldwork in Senahu, Guatemala with Q'eqchi' agriculturalists and displaced coffee plantation laborers.

"Yaal naq jot'b'ilo . . . ab'anan saasa li qach'ool!" - Qaawa' Sekundino Rax.

Research interests

  • Ethnohistory with a focus on agricultural commodities in the Polochic agrizone of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
  • Colonial processes and Anglo-American impact on Q'eqchi' Maya communities in Alta Verapaz.
  • Coffee production and Indigenous displacement in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
  • Class stratification and economic implications in bi-ethnic Q’eqchi’-Ladino communities in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
  • Hegemonic processes in bi-ethnic Q’eqchi’-Ladino communities in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.
  • Contact-based language interference in bi-ethnic Spanish/Q’eqchi’ speaking communities.
  • Mayan language standardization and dissemination in three language regions in Guatemala (Alta Verapaz - Q'eqchi', Solola - Kaqchikel, Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan - K'iche').
  • Discourse analysis with emphasis on class structure between monolingual and bilingual Q’eqchi’ speakers.
  • Multinational Mayan language translation processes; Assessing and examining legal and health related documents and participating in Mayan language translations for native Mayan language speakers living in the United States (Q'eqchi' and K'iche'.
  • Analyzing Mayan language bureaucracies and language authorization.
  • Gender equality and localy-driven women's rights initiatives and activism in Senahu, Guatemala.
  • Ritual and cosmology of K’iche’ Maya Daykeepers.
  • Language analysis of K’iche’an Mayan language groups (K’iche’, Q’eqchi’, and Kaqchikel Mayan).


Spoken and Read: Q’eqchi’ Mayan (Fluent), K’iche’ Mayan (high proficiency), Kaqchikel Mayan (intermediate proficiency, Spanish (high proficiency).