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Jeff Bryant


Research Interests

Jeff Bryant began his doctoral studies at UAlbany last year with the intent to study archaeology  in the Mixteca Alta.  After studying soils at Maya archaeology sites in Belize for his master's research, he became interested in the monumental scale of Mixtec agricultural conservation systems. He is interested in studying periods of stability and change, particularly at Spanish conquest when these conservation systems were abandoned, the economy rapidly shifted to sheep production, and widespread erosion occurred.  During the Spring he began fieldwork at the Mixteca site of Cerro Jazmín directed by Veronica Pérez Rodríguez  where he collected soil samples for chemical characterization with XRAY Fluorescence Spectrometry (XRF), and paleobotanical analysis.  He is currently preparing to travel to the University of Leicester to collaborate with Dr. Paleobotanist Juan Carlos Berrio on pollen and fungal spore analysis to reconstruct environmental changes over time.