IMS Publications

Information for Authors and Volume Editors Considering Submission of a Manuscript

The Institute for Mesoamerican Studies is a nonprofit scholarly organization whose goal is to promote research and scholarship on the ancient, historical, and modern cultures of Mesoamerica. One of our ways of accomplishing this goal is the publication of high-quality scholarly monographs on Mesoamerican anthropology. We publish two series: IMS Monographs, and Studies in Culture and Society. IMS Monographs are large-format books (8.5 x 11") that present primary data on Mesoamerican cultures. We publish specialized research results that may be difficult to publish through traditional commercial or university presses. The Studies in Culture and Society series publishes studies with a broader analytical, integrative, or interpretive focus. When a manuscript is accepted for publication, the IMS Board of Directors determines the series in which it will appear.

IMS books are produced and distributed (advertised and sold) by the University Press of Colorado. Our books are distributed (advertised and sold) by the University of Colorado Press. We do not offer royalties to authors. All proceeds from book sales are used to fund the publication series. Our advantages compared to commercial and university presses are professional-looking books, produced in timely fasion with wide visibility and distribution.


Submitting a Prospectus

Before submitting a prospectus we strongly encourage you to contact the director of IMS to discuss your idea. Authors/editors may then need to a prospectus if the manuscript is not already complete. The prospectus should describe each chapter and the overall goal, intellectual context, and projected audience for the book. It should also contain estimates of the length of the manuscript and the number and nature of figures and tables. If the prospectus is approved by the Board of Directors, we will solicit a full manuscript.


Reviewing and Production

Manuscripts should be prepared following IMS style. Authors will submit their manuscript electronically online using the University Press of Colorado system. Manuscripts are reviewed by at least two scholarly reviewers. Manuscripts by IMS personnel must have at least one reviewer not connected with the Institute, whereas manuscripts by outside authors may be reviewed by either IMS personnel or outside scholars. If a manuscript is accepted, a contract is offered and the author/editor is given specific instructions for revisions and manuscript preparation.

Manuscripts are assigned a Production Editor who is responsible for communications with the author and oversight of the production process.