Institute for History and Public Engagement

Launched in 2016 with support from the University at Albany and its College of Arts and Sciences, the Institute for History and Public Engagement was created to serve as a liaison between UAlbany faculty and students in History (in particular) and the Humanities and Social Sciences (in general) and the public at large.  

The Institute seeks to build on the university’s strengths in the humanities, broadly defined, and on the Department of History's strengths in business, environmental, religious, policy, and public history to engage community stakeholders in programming that addresses Capital District's needs while enhancing faculty research and student opportunities for experiential and service learning. 

The Institute seeks to make community engagement an essential part of a liberal education (a comprehensive approach to college learning across disciplines that encompasses critical thinking and evidence-based discovery) and to provide real benefits to our community in the process. We do this by:

  • Supporting programs that cultivate outreach and grant writing in the humanities and social sciences; 
  • Developing experiential learning opportunities that connect classroom teaching and community engagement; and
  • Supporting an annual faculty fellowship that prioritizes community-focused scholarship.

Director, 2019-2020


Graduate Student Associates
2019-2020 Hannah Swezey

2018-2019 Wonhee Lee
2017-2018 P.J. Kuno
2016-2017    Tina Peabody