New York Planning & Policy Model

This is a document created by iHi containing information and potential policy models for consideration by agencies and communities throughout New York State. These models are based on policies adopted by similar organizations in New York State and across the U.S. 

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On the Public website, you can search for Public Transportation options near you by state, then by county.

County Level Healthy Infrastructure Plans

These model plans will be developed in cooperation with county officials, health organizations, hospitals, insurers, public works agencies, recreation programs and community leaders. Counties will be selected from criteria developed to identify at-risk communities, with a target for a diverse range of urban, rural and suburban locations. In the first year of the initiative, 2 prototype county plans were developed for Bronx and Otsego Counties. In year 2, plans were created for Orange, Essex, Tompkins and Albany counties. Plans for New York (Manhattan), Monroe, Ulster and Greene Counties are now available. Plans are periodically updated and are available for direct download on this website or on CD at your request.

Plans for Direct Download

Albany County Plan Updated 02/04/09 
Bronx County Plan Updated 02/04/09 
Broome County Plan Updated 02/04/09 
Chautauqua County Plan Updated 02/23/09 
Essex County Plan Updated 02/23/09 
Greene County Plan Updated 04/02/09 
Jefferson County Plan Updated 02/23/09 
Monroe County Plan Updated 03/11/09 
Nassau County Plan Updated 03/11/09 
New York County Plan Updated 03/11/09 
Orange County Plan Updated 03/11/09 
Otsego County Plan Updated 03/11/09 
Rockland County Plan Updated 03/11/09 
Tompkins County Plan Updated 03/11/09 
Ulster County Plan Updated 03/11/09

Please Email iHi to request a copy of any county plan on CD free of charge. Thank You!

County Maps

We have completed Healthy Infrastructure GIS maps for each of New York's 62 counties, as well as the cities of Albany and Buffalo. Each has three separate maps, showing Education facilities, Medical Facilities, and Parks and Recreation Facilities.

Click here to get to the iHi Maps Page.

Other Resources

These tools can help communities and individuals in their efforts in building healthier communities

Smart Growth Codes

The American Planning Association research department drafted 11 model ordinances on smart land development regulations including a section on "Four Model Ordinances To Help Create Phyiscally Active Communities" encouraging traffic calming and related pedestrian safety regulations. For more information Click here to view the ordinances. Click here for APA's Smart Growth Website.

Inspiring Children's Physical Activity: Exploratory Research with Parents

Center of Disease Control produced an excellent research report on the level of Children's physical activity with their intellectual and mental health. This is great read for people interested in why Healthy Infrastructure is so important for children in our communities. To download a copy click here.

Funding Sources

Ready to build healthy infrastructure in your community but don't know where to start to get funding for this? Check out the two links below for valuable information on different funding resources for Bicycle and Pedestrian projects you can use for your community!

New York Bicycling Coalition 
Parks and Trails New York

Local communities who wish to know more, or build healthy infrastructure should call, fax or email iHi to receive information, technical assistance and guidance in support of their projects.