Award Winners 2010


Louise C. and Earl M. Applegate Award

Jennifer Woodward ($500.)
Ms. Woodward is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science. She will use this funding for travel expenses to the National Archives, which hosts letters of correspondence between the public and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Using these documents, she will explore the early (1965-1968) interpretations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Barlow Family Award

Christina Diamente ($500.)

Ms. Diamente is a graduate student in the Department of Africana Studies. This funding will defray the travel and research costs associated with her work on Alene Lee, an African-American and Cherokee Indian, who worked closely with prominent Beat Generation writers, such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac.


Christine E. Bose and Edna Acosta-Belen IFW Feminist Research Award

Lissette Acosta-Corneil ($500.)

Ms. Acosta-Corneil is a Ph.D. candidate in the Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino Studies Department. Her funding will support travel expenses to the Dominican Studies Institute in New York City. Her research is centered on women in Hispaniola, the first colony of the Americas.    


The Gloria R. DeSole Fund for IFW

Celia Rouse ($400.)

Ms. Rouse will use her award to attend the annual National Association of Research in Science Teaching conference. Her dissertation topic will address what impacts minority students who participate in the Science and Technology Entry Program (STEP) to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields and the licensed professions in college.


Ford Foundation IFW Women in Science Fellowship

Nakesha Smith ($1000.)

Ms. Smith will use this award to attend her first major international meeting of the RNA Society. With colleagues, she will present research on bacterial riboswitches, which represent a new target for design of novel antibiotic compounds. Novel antibiotics are needed for the treatment of antibiotic resistant infections, a critical and rapidly growing problem in world-wide medicine.


The Judy L. Genshaft Fund for IFW Scholarship

Katherine Pais ($557.)

Ms. Pais is an undergraduate academic advisor in the University’s Advisement Services Center. Last year, she received the 2009 NACADA Outstanding New Advisor Certificate of Merit. To enhance her knowledge in this area, she will attend this year’s regional National Academic Advising Association conference. One of her conference goals is to learn more about advisement relating to our veteran student population.


The Haynes-Davis Memorial Scholarship

Monica Paulina Cordoba Chaves ($500.)

Ms. Cordoba is pursuing a Masters degree in Social Work. Her interest in social work focuses on creating community-based organizations that provide services to women in need. Her award will be used to defray the cost of academic books for her coursework.


Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund

Carolyn Corrado ($500.)

Ms. Corrado will use her IFW funding to support her dissertation research on how “White” high school aged students, who identify with hip hop culture, negotiate “Whiteness.” She is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology.

Joanna Demurat ($500.)

Ms. Demurat is pursuing a Ph.D. in Education Administration. She will use her grant to cover expenses related to field research that is necessary for further analysis of the specific characteristics of private higher education institutions in Poland. 

Michelle DuRoss($500.)

Ms. DuRoss is a Ph.D. student in the Department of History. Her dissertation, entitled, Passion in the Age of Reason: The 1787 divorce case of Isaac and Elizabeth Gouverneur, uses this particular case to explore eighteenth century gender relations. IFW funding will be used for travel expenses to archives in New York City and Florida.

Callen Fishman ($490.)

Ms. Fishman is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology. She will use her award to offset costs associated with her dissertation research. The topic of her study is parents’ motivations for involvement in home-based and school-based activities, as well as their participation in special education planning for an underrepresented population of students.

Jwa Kyum Kim ($500.)

Ms. Kim, a doctoral student in the School of Social Welfare, will use her award to present a research poster at the annual Gerontological Society of America conference. Her research project explores the benefits of evidence-based health promotion programs for grandparent caregivers.

Katherine Kowalski ($500.)

Ms. Kowalski a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science in the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs. Her pilot study is entitled, Socially constructed identities and immigrant integration into health systems: A tale of two cities. This is an analysis of immigrant identity formation and integration into health systems in two U.S. cities, is a precursor to successful and robust political and economic participation. 

Melanie Lantz ($500.)

Ms. Lantz will use this award will be used for travel expenses to attend the American Psychological Association’s Annual Conference. At this conference, Ms. Lantz will accept the position of co-chair of Student Affiliates of Seventeen. She will also be assisting in the presentation of research and volunteering at this professional event.

Hsin-Hua Lee ($500.)

Ms. Lee is in her second year of doctoral work in the University’s APA-accredited Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology. Her award will be used to help offset travel expenses associated with presenting her research findings at several national and international venues. 

Ji Eun Lee ($500.)

Ms. Lee is pursuing a doctorate in the Educational Psychology Program. She will attend the summer 2010 ICPSR program which provides intensive training in the methodologies and statistics of social science research.

Jessica Martin ($500.)

Ms. Martin is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology. Her dissertation will examine how college students’ personality traits and motivations for drinking predict their alcohol use and problems experienced as a result of alcohol use. Her funding will be used to compensate participants who partake in the study.

Vanessa Panfil ($500.)

Ms. Panfil, a third-year doctoral student in the School of Criminal Justice, is working on her comprehensive exam entitled, Socially-situated identities of gay gang- and crime-involved men.  She will use her award for primary data collection.

Lee SeHwa ($500.)

Ms. SeHwa is a third year doctoral student in the Department of Sociology, specializing in the field of gender, migration, and family.  For her dissertation, she will conduct in-depth interviews with international graduate students and their wives, to explore how women’s temporary migration to the United States as student’s wife effects their status and gender relations at home.


Honoring Our Mothers Award

Elizabeth Schilling ($500.)

Ms. Schilling  is a Ph.D. candidate in the field of sociology, with areas of concentration in families and culture. This award will help defray research costs of her dissertation, entitled, Leisure throughout the trajectory of motherhood: A life course approach.


Initiatives For Women Endowment Award

Karolina Sonja Babic ($500.)

Ms. Babic is a student in the Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino Studies Ph.D. program. She is studying the Chilean dance, la cueca sola, which constitutes an interesting part of women’s history in and outside of Chile, yet is a practically unstudied case of unique female political contention. IFW funding will help with travel costs to Chile.

Sarah Niehorster ($550.)

Ms. Niehorster is a doctoral student in the Department of Industrial Organizational Psychology. Her award will be used to attend the conference of the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology, where she will present three research papers.

Camela Steinke ($650.)

Ms. Steinke is a doctoral candidate in the School of Criminal Justice. Her dissertation, entitled The role of self-esteem in residential treatment centers for youth, aims to better understand the effects youths’ self-esteem has on their progress through residential treatment and their outcomes post-discharge.


The Susan Van Horn-Shipherd '64 Women in Science Scholarship

Fei Liu ($500.)

Ms. Liu will use this scholarship to offset travel and conference expenses to present her scientific research at the RNA Society 2010 Meeting. Ms. Liu is a fourth year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry.  UAlbany Giving Matters article.


The Women in Technology Award

CCI Women in Technology Program ($500.)

Technology Leaders of Today is an initiative of the College of Computing and Information Women in Technology Program to empower and support women studying computing and information. This IFW award will provide partial support for this speaker series which brings role models in the field to campus to talk about the challenges and successes along their paths.


General Awards

Andrew Davies ($300.)

Mr. Davies is a doctoral student in the School of Criminal Justice. His dissertation research focuses on the psychology of rape victimization. In his archival research, he will analyze over 1,000 narrative accounts collected from rape survivors describing their victimization.

Alena Kryukovskaya ($300.)

Ms. Kryukovskaya is currently a graduate student in the Department of Information Studies. She will use her IFW funding to attend her first American Library Association conference. This will enable her to learn about new trends and network with professionals in her field. 

Fujishima Miyo ($450.)

Ms. Miyo is a graduate student in the School of Social Welfare. She will use her funding to attend the Study Abroad in Korea: Culture, Social Welfare and Spiritual Diversity summer course. This program will give Fujishima the opportunity to observe Korean social work techniques and to study spirituality in social work.

Rebecca Ossorio ($400.)

Ms. Ossorio is working towards a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at the Department of Educational Theory and Practice. Her funding will support travel to the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting to present her paper entitled, Student emotional response to critical higher education course content.  

Jisung Park ($500.)

Ms. Park is a student in the School of Social Welfare’s doctoral program, whose research interests include gerontology, in particular the positive impact of spirituality on the quality of life among older adults. Her award will be used to attend the Summer Institute in Statistics Workshop at the University of Kansas.

Ráchael Powers ($450.)

Ms. Powers is a doctoral candidate at the School of Criminal Justice. This award will help defray the costs to attend the American Society of Criminology conference, where Ms. Powers will present a paper, entitled Minding the gaps: Exploring the gender and race gap in violent victimization using an intersectional framework.

Loretta Pyles ($450.)

Dr. Pyles is an assistant professor in the School of Social Welfare. The goal of her research project, entitled, Transforming rural Haiti through sustainable grassroots development, is to support the national peasant movement in Haiti, with particular attention to women’s role in the movement.

 Rostati Rostati ($300.)

Ms. Rostati will use her IFW funding to attend and present the research paper, Instructional conversation about digital objects in an EFL online course, at the American Educational Research Association conference.

Lei Wu ($500.)

Ms. Wu will present her paper, Perspectives on employment of the participants in a specific welfare community employment program in Beijing, at the Community Development/ International Association for Community Development Joint Annual International Conference. Her award will help to defray travel costs. 


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