Award Winners 1996

Presidential Awards ($1,000 each)

Xiomara Davila Diaz 
Undergraduate premed/biology major. Financial support for woman of color asked to represent Puerto Rico in track and field in upcoming international games.

Nancy Forand 
Ph.D. student in Anthropology. For purchase of laptop computer for dissertation research which involved fieldwork in Mexico on gender relations in Indian communities.

Claudia Heyer 
Undergraduate English major. Single mother of four young children. Financial support for summer child care.

Thirteenth Moon 
Feminist literary magazine through English department. For purchase of laser printer and scanner.

Bao-Zhu Yang
Ph.D. student in Biometry and Statistics. Woman with disability. For purchase of computer for home use.


Jennine O'Reilly Conway Award ($500)

Elizabeth Feldman 
MSW student. Financial assistance to complete her degree and work with at-risk and adjudicated adolescent population.


General Awards

Carolynn Akpan ($800) 
Training Program Coordinator for the Special Education Program in Educational Psychology and Statistics. For survey research on women of color entering special education.

Barbara Lewis Carman ($1,000) 
Ph.D. student in Biology. Woman returning to school at a nontraditional age and single parent with financial need.

M. Dolores Cimini ($800) 
Director of Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program. Woman with disability in need of computer equipment to accommodate her disability.

Lorraine Cummings ($700) 
Undergraduate student in English. Woman returning to school at a nontraditional age and who demonstrates outstanding academic accomplishments.

Carrie Curley ($500) 
MFA student. For materials for Master's thesis exhibit which focuses on women's bodies and pregnancy.

Lynne Davidson ($400) 
MSW student. Woman with disability who plans to work with others with disabilities.

Nancy Fisher ($750) 
Ph.D. student in Sociology. Pursue content analysis of self-help books on incest.

Emily Gonzalez ($750) 
Ph.D. student in Psychology. For supplies and compensation of research subjects for dissertation on psychological resilience in the children of socio-economically disadvantaged mothers diagnosed with an affective or anxiety disorder.

Carolyn Hamilton ($500) 
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions. Woman of color returning to school at a nontraditional age. Tuition assistance for work toward
Ed.D. in Educational Administration and Policy Studies.

Lynn Hassan ($300) 
MFA student. For materials for Master's thesis exhibit making reference to the human figure and human psyche.

Dawn Knight-Thomas ($600) 
MSW student. To purchase textbooks and articles to set up own non-profit organization for African American and Latino youth who have been in long-term foster care.

Andrea Meldrum Sopko ($500) 
Ph.D. student in Counseling Psychology. Remuneration for research subjects for a project on women with eating disorders and how their social
expectations are related to body image.

Crystal Moore ($650) 
Ph.D. student in Social Welfare. Remuneration for research subjects for project on factors determining who completes advance health care directives on end-of-life decisions.

Kausiki Mukhopadhyay ($1,000) 
Ph.D. student in Sociology. Travel to India for research on women running their own business or working in service sector with a focus on characteristics allowing them to move out of family subordination.

Ellen Nolan ($500) 
Senior Clerk, Registrar's Office. Financial support for undergraduate Anthropology major.

Jan Marie Olson ($350) 
Ph.D. student in Anthropology. Travel to Guatemala for research to revisit original research site.

Andrea Purcigliotti ($500) 
Undergraduate in Fine Arts. To purchase art supplies.

Suzanne Rancourt ($400) 
Ph.D. student in Educational Psychology and Statistics. To publish her poetry and other creative writing.

Secretarial-Clerical Council ($500) 
Honorarium for a guest speaker at annual S/CC workshop.

Joane Ternier ($500) 
Undergraduate English major. Single mother, woman of color. Financial support for child care.

Suzannah Tieman ($500) 
Senior Research Associate in Biology. Woman with disability. Funds to hire graduate student lab assistant.


Top of the Awards