Internships & Mentoring Program in Financial Markets and Institutions

From accounting scandals at Enron and WorldCom to fraud in the mortgage market, rule violations in financial markets and institutions have contributed to economic breakdowns in America. Policymakers have established new laws and systems to try to prevent such breakdowns in the future, and employers from a variety of fields are seeking trained professionals to fill regulatory and oversight positions.

At the Institute for Financial Market Regulation at UAlbany and Albany Law School, undergraduate and graduate students work alongside scholars and practitioners, acquiring knowledge of the laws, business practices, policy decisions and technology issues confronting professionals in financial markets.

IFMR's alumni, faculty and advisors are connected with leading organizations in financial services, regulation, and law. They assist students in obtaining internships providing valuable experience in regulatory organizations, financial institutions and law firms.

Students learn of possibilities for internships and mentoring through many of the undergraduate major, minor and graduate courses you can inspect at the IFMR Academic Program Overview.