Alumni Experience

“The Institute for Financial Market Regulation offers a robust program and refreshing opportunities to students enrolled in the cutting-edge major. As part of one of the first graduating undergraduate classes, I can personally attest to the unique advantages of a cross-section of finance, technology, law/policy and most importantly unbridled access to the high-caliber network of professionals the Institute provides. I received an ironclad foundation from the Institute, and not a single working day goes that I don’t value it.”

- Maxwell A. Amoako

“The opportunities UAlbany afforded me are endless. The FMR program offers a unique mentoring partnership with industry leaders for students who seek guidance and career counseling. The relationships I built through this initiative were instrumental to my success.”

- Nicole Sheena  

“The Financial Market Regulation program gave me a strong background in the history of securities regulation and the policy issues which regulators and industry members face in the real world. It has also given me exposure to a network of professionals with expertise in many areas of the financial markets. The IFMR helped me make an easy transition to my career, first in broker-dealer compliance and now as a regulator. It has been a great experience to participate in the program as a student, and now to be able to stay involved as an alumnus and try to give back to other students and graduates.”

- Matt Peppe

“The University at Albany taught me how to be successful within the world of business by fostering a greater understanding of the financial markets and regulation while connecting me with numerous professionals working within the financial industry. The Financial Market Regulation program at UAlbany is a challenging yet extremely rewarding major for all those who have an appetite for finance and an interest in regulation. The UAlbany Alumni who are affiliated with the FMR program have been a tremendous asset for me over the years and I am grateful for their assistance.”

- Ronald Benson

“The IFMR provides a very unique opportunity to learn about the regulatory and compliance sides of the financial industry, topics that most people in the financial industry aren't fully exposed to until they have worked in the industry for many years. The IFMR Program gives students an in-depth look at the structure of the current financial regulatory system and an overview of the history and legislation that brought the industry to where it is today, which gives students an indispensable background for professions in the financial compliance and regulatory fields. The Program also has many alumni in the industry that are available to provide guidance and feedback to students seeking careers in the field, a huge asset in terms of networking, job searching, and interviewing that served me very well during my time at the IFMR.”

- Valerie Sourbeer

“The IFMR program provided me an in depth look into the financial regulation industry, access to industry professionals, and a support network of ambitious students and alumni. Together these experiences gave me the confidence to hit the ground running at a major financial regulator.”

- Basil Swaby

“The novelty of Institute for Financial Market Regulation (IFMR) and its effective stewardship by Professor McCaffrey affords graduates an exceptional perspective and set of professional skills necessary to prosper in the field of financial market regulation. Professor McCaffrey has developed numerous, successful Regulators to date, which, in my opinion, speaks to his dedication and drive to make IFMR the high-caliber educational program that exists today. Whether it be the great coursework, special relationships with industry actors, or unique career opportunities, anyone interested in financial market regulation would be best served by joining IFMR.”

- David Aaron Strauss