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IFMR Alumni Network

The Institute for Financial Market Regulation (IFMR) Alumni Network is composed of IFMR graduates and other professionals in financial market regulation who work together to support the mission of the IFMR. Members of the Network typically work for regulatory agencies, law firms, broker-dealers, and banks.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to serve as a conduit between academic and industry professionals and the Alumni of this program. We leverage the knowledge, experience, and expertise of our members to advance the development and application of financial market regulation. To this end, IFMR Alumni Network provides opportunities for its members to meet on a regular basis with academic and practitioner professionals to share knowledge, network, and debate to help improve the quality of financial market regulation. 

Building Relationships

The Alumni Network regularly holds informal networking meetings and also participates in more formal events that concern financial regulation. Most of the Alumni Network’s events take place in New York City.

Supporting the Institute

One of the most important goals of the Network is to support the program of the IFMR. Network members have participated in the Institute’s research and reviews, spoken to current classes, and shared their experiences and insights into industry developments and dynamics with professors, students, and IFMR Advisory Council members.

Another way the Alumni Network participates in the IFMR is through a mentoring program. This program pairs a current student of the IFMR program with an Alumni Network member. Mentors share academic and career advice with current students, with the goal of enhancing a student’s experience in the Institute for Financial Market Regulation.

How to Become a Member

The IFMR Alumni Network is open to industry professionals connected and educated by the IFMR program as well as others who are interested in supporting our vision.  If you are interested in participating or attending one of our meetings, please contact Valerie Sourbeer  to request to be a member of our listserv.