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These are the proceedings for ASIA '18. To see proceedings from other years, simply click on the appropriate link above. If citing from any papers, please use the following citation information: In the Proceedings of ASIA '18: 13th Annual Symposium on Information Assurance (ASIA '18), June 5-6, 2018, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY.

>> Download full ASIA '18 Proceedings

Keynote: Day 1
>> Leading in the Age of Innovation, p. 1
Steven J. Spano, President and COO, The Center for Internet Security

Session 1: Behavioral Analysis
>> Using Multimodal Data to Infer Group Dynamics in an Adversarial Group Game, pp. 2-4
Lee Spitzley, Steven Pentland, Bradley Dorn, Bradley Walls, and Judee Burgoon,University of Arizona, AZ, USA
>> Manager-Analyst Interactions in Fraudulent Earnings Calls, pp. 5-9
Lee Spitzley, University of Arizona, AZ, USA

Session 2: Privacy and Security
>> Internet of Things: Data Privacy and Cyber-Security Implications, pp. 10-13
Anthony Moreno and Petter Lovaas, Niagara University, NY, USA >> Securely Moving Forward with Serverless Architecture, pp. 14-19
Colin Monroe and Petter Lovaas, Niagara University, NY, USA

Session 3: Hardware Trojans
>> Strategically Managing the Risk of Hardware Trojans Through Augmented Testing, pp. 20-24
Kevin Kwiat and Frank Born, The CEASAR Group LLC, NY, USA
Session 4: Emerging Topics
>> Machine Learning: What is it, and Will it Help Cybersecurity or is it Just Another Thing to be Attacked, pp. 24
George Berg, University at Albany, SUNY, NY, USA

Keynote: Day 2
>> CCAFE: The Country Cyber-Attack Forecasting Engine, p. 25
Venkatramanan S. Subrahmanian, Director Institute for Security, Technology, and Society, Dartmouth College
>> Driving Governance and Risk Management in a Digital Transformation Era, p. 26
Greg Witte, Senior Security Engineer, G2 Inc.; ISACA Cybersecurity Taskforce

Session 5: Security Policies and Fraud
>> Challenges and Opportunities for Auditing with Blockchain, pp. 27-35
Shashank Kumar, University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY, USA, Samrat Kishor, Accenture Strategy, Gurgaon, India, Manish Gupta, University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY, USA, and Raj Sharman, University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY, USA

Session 6: Game Theory in Security
>> Optimizing Cybersecurity Program - Evidence from Data Breaches in Healthcare, p. 36-43
Anantha Narayana,Vasishta Manish Gupta, Sameer Kumar Misra, Pavankumar Mulgund, Raj Sharman University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY, USA

Those who do not archive the past are condemned to retype it!

- Garfinkel and Spafford

As we know,
There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
That is to say
We know there are some things
We do not know.
But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don't know.
We don't know.

- Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense