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This is the proceedings for ASIA '13. To see proceedings from other years, simply click on the appropriate link above. If citing from any papers, please use the following citation information: In the Proceedings of the 8th Annual Symposium on Information Assurance (ASIA '13), June 4-5, 2013, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY.

Beginning Pages
Cover | Back Cover, pp.
>> Message from the ASIAGeneral Chair (Sanjay Goel), pp.
>> Symposium Agenda, pp. i-ii
>> Table of Contents, pp. iii - iv

Session 1: Behavioral Security I
>> What Drives Perceptions of Threats to Your Facebook Friends’ Information?, pp. 1-6
Stéphane Collignon, Tabitha James, Merrill Warkentin* and Byung Cho Kim+, Virginia Tech, VA, Mississippi State University*, MS and Korea University, South Korea+


>> Impact of Security and Privacy Concerns among Medicare Patients on Sharing Health Information Online, pp. 7-14
Wencui Han, Rohit Valecha, and Raj Sharman, University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY

Session 2: Behavioral Security II
>> Customized Behavioral Normalcy Profiles for Critical Infrastructure Protection, pp. 15-22
Andrey Dolgikh, Zachary Birnbaum and Victor Skormin, Binghamton University, NY
>> Consumer Adoption of Smart Metering Technology, pp. 23-24
Merrill Warkentin, Sanjay Goel* and Philip Menard, Mississippi State University, MS and University of Albany*, SUNY, NY

Session 3: Security Research
>> Invited Talk: Challenges in Security / Security Research, p. 25
H. Raghav Rao, University at Buffalo, SUNY, NY
>> Security Analysis of Certified Wireless Universal Serial Bus Protocol, pp. 26-34
Rishabh Dudheria and Wade Trappe, Rutgers University, NJ

Session 4: Handheld and Wireless Device Security
>> Malware Analysis for Android Operating System, pp. 31-35
Kriti Sharma, Trushank Dand, Tae Oh and William Stackpole, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
>> Android Malware Analysis Platform, pp. 36-38
Ben Andrews, William Stackpole and Tae Oh, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

ASIA Keynote
>> Why every CSO needs to know Industrial Control Systems (ICS), p. 39
Billy Rios, Cylance, Inc.

Session 5: Mobile Security
>> Detecting Infection Source and Building Predictive Blacklists with an Attack-Source Scoring System, pp. 40-45
Liyun Li and Nasir Memon, NYU Polytechnic, NY
>> A Private Packet Filtering Language for Cyber Defense, pp. 46-55
Michael Oehler, Dhananjay S. Phatak and Alan T. Sherman University of Maryland Baltimore County, MD

Session 6: Data Storage
>> Cloud Security: Attacks and Current Defenses, pp. 56-62
Gehana Booth, Andrew Soknacki and Anil Somayaji, Carleton University, Canada
>> Presentation: Data Breach Reporting Preparation: An Analysis of Practice, p. 63
Ernst Bekkering, Northeastern State University, OK

Session 7: Education
>> Mobile Security and Vulnerability Exploitation as a Flipped Classroom Security Curriculum, pp. 64-68
Richard P. Mislan and Tae Oh, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
>> Teaching Android Malware Behaviors for Android Platform using Interactive Labs, pp. 69-72
Colin Szost, Kriti Sharma, Tae Oh, William Stackpole and Richard P. Mislan, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY

Session 8: Data Storage, Forensics, and Security
>> Discovering Predictive Event Sequences in Criminal Careers, pp. 73-82
Carl A. Janzen, Amit V. Deokar* and Omar F. El-Gayar*, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada and Dakota State University, SD*
>> A Conceptual Investigation: Towards an Integrative Perspective of Risks in Information Systems Development & Usage , pp. 83-92
Jim Samuel, Baruch College - City University of New York, NY

Additional Papers - Available Online Only
>> Quantifying e-risk for Cyber-insurance Using Logit and Probit Models, pp. 22-1 to 22-8
Arunabha Mukhopadhyay, G. K. Shukla, Peeter Kirs*, and Kallol K. Bagchi*, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India and The University of Texas El Paso, TX*
>> Performance Evaluation of Classification Techniques used for Data Theft Detection, pp. 23-1 to 23-
Pratik C. Patel and Upasna Singh, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, India
>> On the Impact of Occupation Exposure on Personal Computers, pp. 24-1 to 24-
Kimberley Francis, Richard Ballard and Leonid Reznik, Rochester Institute of Technology

Closing Pages
>> Author Biographies, pp. 93-100
>> Author Index, p. 101

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- Garfinkel and Spafford

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There are known knowns.
There are things we know we know.
We also know
There are known unknowns.
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We know there are some things
We do not know.
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- Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense