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This is the proceedings for ASIA Ď08. To see proceedings from other years, simply click on the appropriate button below the main menu. If citing from any papers, please use the following citation information: In the Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Symposium on Information Assurance (ASIA Ď08), June 4-5, 2008, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY. >>
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Beginning Pages
>> Cover Information, pp.
>> Message from the Symposium Chairs (Sanjay Goel & Laura Iwan), pp.
>> Symposium Agenda, pp. i-ii
>> Table of Contents, pp. iii

Session 1: Keynote Address (D-1)
>> Phishing Underground: A New Look at an Old Problem, pp. 1
Billy (BK) Rios

Session 2: Web/Email Security
>> When Elephants Dance, Mice Must be Careful: Content Provider Conflict on the Modern Web, pp. 2-9
Terri Oda, Anil Somayaji, and Tony White

>> CUSP: Customizable and Usable Spam Filters for Detecting Phishing Emails, pp. 10-17
Madhusudhanan Chandrasekaran, Vidyaraman Sankaranarayanan, and Shambhu Upadhyaya

Session 3: Distributed Security Management
>> Secure Space Computing with Exertions, pp. 18-25
Daniel Kerr and Micheal Sobolewski

>> Peer-to-Peer Simulation for Network Security, pp. 26-33
Daniel D. Rice and George Wright

Session 4: Keynote Address (D-2)
>> Securing the Internet Infrastructure: Issues and Problems, pp. 34
John Crain

Roundtable Discussion
>> Challenges of Computer and Digital Forensics Training and Education, pp. 35
Fabio R. Affluant II, Christian Balan, and Sean Smith

Session 5: Invited Talks
>> On Information Assurance in Nanoscale Networks, pp. 36-40
Stephen F. Bush

>> An Analysis of Information Security Governance Structures: The Case of Societe Generale, pp. 41-46
Ifeoma Udeh and Gurpreet Dhillon

Session 6: Application Security
>> Content-sensitive Temporally Adaptive Metadata, pp. 47-52
Brendan J. Gilbert, Raj Sharman, Manish Gupta, H. R. Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya, and Kenneth P. Mortensen, Esq.
>> Recursive Data Mining for Author and Role Identification, pp. 53-62
Vineet Chaoji, Apirak Hoonlor, and Boneslaw Szymanski

Session 7: Internet Security
>> Enhancing the Non-Repudiation Properties of EMV Payment Cards, pp. 63-70
David J. Boyd

>> Formal Methods for Instrusion Detection of Windows NT Attacks, pp. 71-79
Sahika Genc

Closing Pages
>> Author Biographies, pp. 80-87
>> Author Index, pp. 88
Important Dates

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

- Isaac Asimov

Just as drivers who share the road must also share responsibility for safety, we all now share the same global network, and thus must regard computer security as a necessary social responsibility. To me, anyone unwilling to take simple security precautions is a major, active, part of the problem.

- Fred Langa

In theory, one can build provably secure systems. In theory, theory can be applied to practice, but in practice, it canít.

- M. Dacier