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Securing Geogrpahic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
K.D. Kang, K. Liu, and N. Abu-Ghazaleh
State University of New York at Binghamton

We consider the security of geographic routing (GR) that is widely used in ad hoc and wireless sensor networks due to its scalability. In GR, a node greedily forwards a packet to the neighbor that is closest to the destination. Thus, GR only requires a node to maintain the location information of its one hop neighbors. However, very little work has been done to secure GR. In a potential attack, malicious nodes may falsify their location information. Also, a malicious node can send an excessive number of packets to overload the receiving nodes and block legitimate packets from other sources. Alternatively, it can drop or misdirect received packets. To shed light on these problems, we propose an approach for robust GR via rate control, packet scheduling and trust-based multi-path routing. In a simulation study,we also show that our robust GR can circumvent and route against attacks.

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I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

- Isaac Asimov

Just as drivers who share the road must also share responsibility for safety, we all now share the same global network, and thus must regard computer security as a necessary social responsibility. To me, anyone unwilling to take simple security precautions is a major, active, part of the problem.

- Fred Langa

In theory, one can build provably secure systems. In theory, theory can be applied to practice, but in practice, it canít.

- M. Dacier