Human Resources

Paycheck Distribution Guidelines


The University at Albany is committed to maintaining appropriate control regarding the security and distribution of its resources.  As a supervisor of University employees, you have accepted responsibility for implementation of, and compliance with, these policies and procedures.



  1. Each department must assign a designee(s) to be Paycheck Distribution Representative(s).  This person will be responsible for picking up and distributing departmental paychecks and other materials to be delivered with paychecks and serves as a contact for the University Payroll Office.  

  2. Any changes to Department’s Paycheck Distribution Representative should be communicated to the Payroll Office at 437-3830.

 Pick – Up/Delivery Procedure:

  1. The Payroll Office will make paychecks available for pick up by Paycheck Distribution Representatives at the College of Arts and Sciences Building, Room A&S 122, on paydays between 10:00-11:00am.  Alternate arrangements may be made to pick up in UAB 300 or departments located off the Main Campus will have their checks delivered by the University Mail and Messenger Service.

  2. Paycheck Distribution Representatives are required to sign for their assigned departments paychecks at the time of receipt.

Handling of Paychecks at Department:

  1. Distribution sheets and paychecks should be reviewed at the time of receipt to ensure that each employee is actively working in the department and all checks are accounted for.  If there is any question regarding an employee’s entitlement to a check, missing checks, or checks that don’t belong to your department, contact Human Resources, 437-4700, immediately.

  2. Employees having a “hold” on their paycheck may pick it up in Human Resources, UAB 300, after satisfying the requirements of the hold.  Direct the employee to contact the Office of Human Resources 437-4700 or the Payroll Office 437-3830 if you are uncertain what is needed to release the check to the employee.

  3. Paychecks must be secured in a locked desk or file when not being distributed.  However, the Paycheck Distribution Representative or an assigned designee, must be available at all times to gain access to paychecks for employees.  To maintain proper security, employees may not be permitted to collect their own paycheck.  It should be practice the Paycheck Distribution Representative or designee should be the only employees who have access to or handle paychecks that are not their own.

  4. All employees receiving paychecks are required to sign the distribution list. Employees receiving direct deposit advices/stubs (indicated by ‘D’ after the check number) are not required to do so.

  5. Employees who routinely are not available during business hours (evening faculty) to sign for checks may make alternative distribution arrangements in writing.  If an employee does not sign for their paycheck, a record of the distribution method and date should be made on the distribution list.

  6. Direct deposit advices may be left in unsecured employee mailboxes. 

    Paychecks may not be left unsecured and/or unattended at anytime. 

  7. You are required to keep the signed distribution list for two years.  You may be required to produce these lists as part of an internal audit.

  8. Paychecks not distributed by 12:00pm the Friday after payday must be delivered to Human Resources in UAB 300, if no other arrangement has been made with the employee.  Checks must be delivered and may not be returned by Inter-campus or US mail.

If you have any questions regarding the distribution of paychecks, please do not hesitate to call Payroll at 437-3830.  Your continued cooperation in this process is greatly appreciated.