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Student Assistant

The Student Assistant (SA) works in the hub of the quad – the Quad Information Center. Generally, the SA is required to perform various clerical and administrative tasks related to the efficient functioning of the residence halls. SAs possess a drive for exceptional customer service, an ability to calm situations, and a wealth of knowledge so as to serve as a primary reference for on- and off-campus resources. They are key support staff in promoting the department’s mission of providing inviting, intellectual, and inclusive residences.

Student Assistants are required to work approximately 15 hours/week. This includes weekday, weeknight, and weekend duty shifts. Division of hours is at the discretion of the Quad Information Center supervisor (typically a Graduate Assistant) with the consent of the Quad Coordinator.

Quad Information Center Management

The primary role of the SA is to manage the QIC and any associated spaces, systems, and processes. The following list of responsibilities encompasses the general tasks associated with QIC management, but it is in no way exhaustive; additional or variant responsibilities will depend on the needs of the quad.

Please see the Full Job Description for more details

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