University at Albany

Residential Life Mission Statement

The Department of Residential Life creates and sustains INVITING, INTELLECTUAL and INCLUSIVE living communities which foster students’ academic success, personal growth and overall well being.

GOAL #1: Residential Life provides safe, healthy and INVITING residence halls and apartments.

OBJECTIVE #1. Energetic, friendly, resourceful, and highly trained residential life staff demonstrate exemplary customer service to our students, their families and the University Community.

OBJECTIVE #2. Well-maintained, up to date facilities offer contemporary surroundings that address the growing demands of today’s college students.

OBJECTIVE #3. A wide range of creative, innovative and fun programs afford students the opportunity to be participants in a variety of activities outside of the classroom.

GOAL #2: Residential Life sustains living communities that support the INTELLECTUAL culture of the University at Albany.

OBJECTIVE #1. Through modern facilities, well-trained staff and general policies, residence halls and apartments provide an atmosphere conducive to educational pursuits.

OBJECTIVE #2. In association with other University departments, Residential Life supports programmatic efforts that seek to promote and expand students’ academic excellence.

OBJECTIVE #3. Residential Life contributes to the retention of students through the use of resources, facilities, programs and services that help residents realize their academic goals and future potential.

GOAL #3: Residential Life recognizes the advantages and challenges of an INCLUSIVE and multicultural society.

OBJECTIVE #1. Residential Life ensures that hiring procedures are equitable, fair and representative of the student body.

OBJECTIVE #2. Through programming efforts, Residential Life works to assist students in embracing, appreciating and understanding the experiences of a diverse society.

OBJECTIVE #3. Residential Life recognizes the need for collaboration with colleagues throughout the University community in addressing the quality of life of students.

Learning Outcomes

By Living in the Residence Halls, the student will...

  • 1. ...demonstrate behaviors of mutual respect.
  • 2. …positively contribute to their community.
  • 3. …work to overcome challenges.
  • 4. …display life skills.
  • 5. …demonstrate behaviors that positively contribute to a sustainable environment.
  • 6. …exhibit pride in the University at Albany.

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