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CHARGE History


January 1987
David Jenkins (Former Associate Director of Residential Life) received a grant from Affirmative Action to start a BEFRIENDER PROGRAM created in response to several racial incidents on Alumni Quad, which received national media attention.

Spring 1987
Invitations were sent out to students to become volunteers. Twenty-five people applied and eight were chosen for the program. Loretta Redfurn became the first Residential Life Professional Staff Advisor to the Program.

July 1987
Douglas Samuels became Coordinator for the Minority Assistance Program (M.A.P.). Twelve new student volunteers were added and thus became known as Minority Student Assistants (M.S.A.). Loretta Benjamin-Samuels, Esther Jackson, Caro Mercado and Loretta Redfurn, all Residential Life Staff, were instrumental in both support and leadership to help Doug Samuels develop the program.

July 1988
Geneva M. Walker-Johnson joined the Department of Residential Life as the new Associate Director and became Coordinator for the Minority Assistance Program. M.A.P. Graduate Assistants were also added to help promote the Program more directly.

July 1989
Geneva M. Walker-Johnson was promoted to Director of Residential Life and Scott Mims was appointed as Coordinator of the Minority Assistance Program. The 1989-90 academic year began with 40 M.S.A.s, which quickly fell to 15 by the end of the Fall 1989 semester. Students involved in the Program felt that the name of the Program was partially defeating and hindering their efforts and the goals of the Program. Together with Mary Sydmore and Shirlene Francis, two M.A.P. G.A.s and the M.S.A.s developed and proposed the new title of the program - Multicultural Awareness Program.

May 1990
The Department of Residential Life offered a small stipend for second-year returning M.S.A.s to be paid over the course of the semester.

July 1990
Bryan A. Moody was named Acting Assistant Director of Residential Life and also Coordinator of the Multicultural Awareness Program. Additionally, advisement/supervision of M.A.P. and M.S.A.s responsibilities were assigned to the Programming Directors on each Quadrangle to create an umbrella effect as it related to all Quad Programming. The full-time professional staff members had direct responsibility for overseeing all Quadrangle’s programming which included M.A.P., Quad Board, and R.A. programs within the Residence Halls. A Graduate Assistant on each Quad served to assist the Programming Director with the advisement and program development of M.A.P. and M.S.A.s on their respective Quadrangle.

January 1993
Stacy Robinson was promoted to the newly created position of Coordinator of Multicultural Programming and Leadership Development. The CMPLD had job responsibilities in Residential Life as well as the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. The Residential Life component of this position was designed to advance M.A.P. by providing more focused attention on the Program, increased support for the M.A.P. Graduate Assistants as a group, greater emphasis on the development of the M.S.A.s knowledge base and programming abilities, and a direct link to other cultural student organizations and resources on campus.

September 1993
M.A.P. was removed from the programming area. Stacy Robinson became Coordinator of M.A. P. and two Graduate Assistants, Nestor Morales Diaz and LaTonia Williams, with the assistance of Anita Grandy, Graduate Assistant on Alumni Quad, became directly responsible for the campus-wide M.S.A. staff. The Multicultural Student Advisory Council was formed. As part of this organization, which is composed of the leaders of the major cultural student groups on campus, M.A.P. gained a more distinct campus-wide voice.

Fall 1994
The Multicultural Awareness Program became the CHARGE Cultural Program. CHARGE, a more narrowly focused concept than M.A.P., was designed to give the program greater definition. An emphasis on ethnicity, particularly the experiences of people of African, Asian, Latino, and Native American heritage allowed CHARGE to address the experiences of those groups in depth. The Multicultural Student Assistants became CHARGE Assistants. The Graduate Assistant position, held by Carlos Mills, became a single position, working with the CHARGE Coordinator in the Central Office. CHARGE Assistants were required, for the first time, to take a two-credit course to assist them in their position.

June 1995
The CHARGE Cultural Program was expanded to encompass issues as they relate to the experience of people of Jewish descent. Stacy Robinson resigned as the Coordinator of Multicultural Programming and Leadership Development and Maribel Joa replaced Carlos Mills as the Graduate Assistant for the 1995-1996 academic year. The CHARGE Resource Room, formerly existing on each quad, will operate from Indian Quad only and will be staffed by six CHARGE Assistants.

Summer 1996
Five students were hired as CHARGE Assistants to be supervised by Monica Lee Miranda, Graduate Assistant for the 1996-1997 academic year. Charles Rogers, Assistant Director for Residential Life/Judicial, and Stephanie Madnick, Quad Coordinator, worked on revisions for the CHARGE program for further development. The CHARGE office was located in the Resource Room in Montauk Hall, Indian Quad.

May 1997
Three new CHARGE Assistants are hired as Heather Wardally and Abraham Park return for the 1997-1998 academic year as CHARGE Assistants. Monica Lee Miranda remains the Graduate Assistant for the Program for the 1997-1998 academic year.

Year 2000- 2001
Six new CHARGE Assistants were hired for the 2000- 2001 academic year. Their names were Hafeez Waheed, Kelly Berkey, Aimee Richards, Nekia Johnson, Adeline Alfonso, and Jimmy Poma. Under the leadership of Tiffany Perry, the new Graduate Assistant and John Baynes, the Quad Coordinator of State Quad, CHARGE continues educational programming. The CHARGE office was located to Colonial Quad tower basement.

Fall 2001
Aimee Richards, Nekia Johnson, and Adeline Alfonso, returned for the Fall academic year. Sasha Murray, Natasha Farquharson, Jennifer Juste, and Jeffry White were hired as new CHARGE Assistants. The CHARGE office returned to the Resource Room in Montauk Hall, Indian Quad.

Spring 2002
Sasha Murray, Natasha Farquharson, Jennifer Juste, Nana Mensah, Kealia Hamilton, Nadia Hamilton, and Jennifer Escobosa were CHARGE Assistants, for the Spring 2002 academic year. Tiffany Perry remained the Graduate Assistant for the 2001-2002 academic year.

Spring 2004
Under the leadership of Karen Acousta-McNeill, Senior Residence Hall Director for Indian Quad, the CHARGE program hosted the first annual Multicultural Night Around the World in the Campus Center Ballroom. The program was a huge success, which attracted over 500 students and faculty members.

Fall 2004
Leandra Payne, Residence Hall and Programming Director on Dutch Quad, added Director of the CHARGE Cultural Program to her responsibilities. An excellent team of CHARGE Assistants supports her, which include: Dina Mikdadi, Jahaira Rosa, Justin Smith, Lauren Keyes, Michelle Fuchs, and Natasha Bazile.


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