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What to do if you suspect you have bed bugs

There are three easy steps you should follow if you suspect you have bed bugs:

  • Immediately notify a Residential Life Staff member this may include your Resident Assistant, Residence Hall Director, or Quad Coordinator. There is a Professional Staff member on duty on the quad and or apartment complex 24 hours a day.
  • Treat the bites as you would any insect bite:
    • Though the itching of bed bug bites may last longer than other insect bites (up to 2 weeks though usually no more than 7 days) just like other bites the severity and duration varies form person to person.
    • To relieve itching use an antihistamine (such as Benadryl) or apply a topical steroid cream (available over the counter)
    • If concerned about a secondary bacterial infection (spreading redness, pain in addition to itching or fever) seek medical care.
      • Health Center appointments can be made by calling 518-442-5229 during regular Health Center Hours.
  • Do not Panic! The University has procedures in place to remedy a bed bug situation if one should arise.