Students, professors, and administrators in The Honors College have many opportunities to interact with each other as they pursue the wide range of educational and social activities available on and off the UAlbany campus.

The foundation of our experience in The Honors College comprises coursework, research, internships, and field-placements. All involve intense collaborations among students and professors.

However, we all grow and learn in other ways as well. Thousands and thousands of conversations with each other–after class, during dinner, at 3am Saturday morning, and many other times–may be the most important source of this growth and learning. Special lectures, tours, and trips expand the learning opportunities available to all members of The Honors College and social events allow us to know each other better and have fun together.

Professors Mean Everything

"The Honors College at UAlbany brings together faculty and students who share interests which allows for more one-on-one teaching and learning."
Steven F. Messner, Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair of the University Senate.

The Honors College faculty are leaders in their fields.  They are all committed to the academic achievement of their students. They teach, mentor, advise, and care. Whether it is to guide students to the perfect internship at the New York State legislature, organize a study trip to Beijing, or offer expert guidance and support for national scholarships - such as the Rhodes, Truman, Marshall or Goldwater--the Honors College faculty are invested in helping students succeed.

The Students Mean Even More

Don't tell the professors that I said so, but the honors students are the real foundation of The Honors College.  Bright, high-achieving students who study together, do research or creative work together, and many of whom live together.  The high quality of our students is what makes The Honors College such an exciting place to study and grow.

"I lived in another dorm my first semester and moved to honors housing my second semester. It makes a huge difference. The people in honors housing are much friendlier and share many of the same interests as myself. They also act as a positive influence since there is always someone studying or working hard. The people you live with and spend tons of time with have to make the same sacrifices as you do for their studies, which makes it easier to turn down a fun activity, because inevitably someone else is in the same boat. Or if they are not, they are willing to help you. Honors housing is a very motivating environment and I definitely recommend it." Erika Kneeland, Class of 2011