Honors Courses

Each semester, The Honors College offers a wide array of challenging courses. These courses introduce students to a range of concepts and perspectives from many disciplines. Honors courses are designed to develop strong critical-thinking, research, and writing skills through active-learning approaches such as in-depth discussions, field experiences, debates, simulations, and small-group projects.

You can explore the honors courses offered this and next semesters here. 

Fall 2018 courses

Spring 2018 courses

Rather than having a small number of professors teach an honors curriculum, our curriculum is designed so that professors from across the UAlbany campus teach honors courses. Consequently, we offer a wide range of courses from many disciplines. This strategy introduces honors students to top teaching and research professors from many disciplines and combines the educational benefits associated with many small, liberal-arts colleges (e.g., small courses) and the educational benefits of attending a large, research university (e.g., professors actively involved in research).

During their first two years, honors students take 18 credits of honors courses. In addition to increasing their knowledge in a discipline, these courses introduce students to ways in which new knowledge is created in the discipline and encourage students to think more deeply about the principal issues in the discipline.

  • Only honors students can enroll in honors courses, so each of them includes only bright, serious students.
  • All honors courses are limited to 25 students, and many are smaller than this. This allows discussion, debate, and other forms of active learning to occur throughout the course.
  • Only professors who have a record of excellence in undergraduate education teach honors courses.

You can also view the honors courses from previous years.  Some of these courses will be offered again in future years.