Undergraduate Research Conferences

UAlbany's Annual Undergraduate Research Conference:

University at Albany's Annual Undergraduate Research Conference began in 2004 to highlight the research and creative work of undergraduates at UAlbany. Since then, undergraduates have shared their research and creative work each year with their peers, the university faculty, and the community. All undergraduates at the University at Albany are encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Conference. The conference is held every spring, and is free and open to the public. Family members, friends, and faculty mentors are invited to come in support of students presenting their research and creative work. Students can apply to present their research as a poster or as an oral presentation.

Posters: Posters provide an opportunity for students to present their research and have extended, informal discussions about their research with those interested in learning more about it. Students create a large poster on which their research is described. About a dozen students display their posters during an hour-long session (we provide the board for posting the poster). Guests circulate, read the posters, and talk with students about their research. Poster presenters can also see the research of the others presenting during their session - which provides a good environment for the exchange of information and ideas with other student researchers. More information about preparing and presenting a poster is available.

Oral Presentations: Oral research presentations (which can include PowerPoint, movie clips, etc.) are grouped together in a panel by discipline, area or theme. Typically, three or four presenters comprise a panel, After the presentations, the audience has time to ask questions of the presenters. Each presenter will be allotted about 20 minutes. More information about preparing and presenting an oral presentation is available.

Each year a select number of students are awarded the Presidential Undergraduate Research Award at the University at Albany’s Annual Undergraduate Research Conference.

Honors College Students that are presenting at the Conference on April 28, 2017:

Casey Biederman, Mathew Boll, Caitlin Briggs, Indiana Scarlet Brown, David Bunn, Yadi Chen, Wansoo Choi, Haley Cook, Allix Coon, Cassandra Edwards, Molly Fleming, Andrew Furgiuele, Danielle Garry, Alexander Hartwell, Marina Danielle Infantado, Madeeha Khan, Stacie Klinoski, Michelle Raissa Kobou Wafo, Vincent LaMantia, Alexia Lima, Molly Maclsaac, Katarina Manzi, Naomi McPeters, Stuti, Misra, Morgan Dadzie Gertrude, Hasina Noory, Maksim Papenkov, Alexandra Payne, Elena Pollack, Lindsey Riback, Heather Sabo, Abdul Sanni-Adam, Seunghyun Shin, Natalie Turner

The following are Honors College students who have received this award in past years:

 2016 Presidential Undergraduate Research Award Recipients:

  • Roi Ankawa: “Is the Effect of Glucose on Hippocampal Memory Insulin-Dependent?” Faculty Advisor: Ewan McNay, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology
  • Zana Beck: “Effectiveness of Beer Keg Registration Laws on Reducing Underage Drinking” Faculty Advisor: Baris Yoruk, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Economics
  • Brian Bollen: “Irrational Eigenvalue of the Discrete Laplacian After Subdivision” Faculty Advisor: Alexandre Tchernev, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Tomer Burg: “Analysis of Late Summer Heat Waves in the Northeast US” Faculty Advisor: Lance Bosart, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
  • Kelsey Fleming: “Neuronal Glutamate Transporter EAAC1 Regulates Anxiety and Motor Activity in Mice” Faculty Advisor: Annalisa Scimemi, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Biology
  • Troy Norton: “Mimesis in Practice: The Intersection of Artistic Reproduction and Politics” Faculty Advisor: Morton Schoolman, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, Department of Political Science

2015 Presidential Undergraduate Research Award Recipients:

  • Daniel Bollen: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: “Identification of Yeast Cellular Factors in Group II Intron Silencing” Faculty Mentor: Professor Marlene Belfort
  • Timothy LaRock: Computer Science: “Assessing the Challenges of the Rural Elderly through a Social Work Lens” Faculty Mentor: Professor Petko Bogdanov and Professor Mariya Zheleva
  • Katherine Waye: Public Health: “Outpatient Care for Substance Use and Related Harms in Turkey” Faculty Mentor: Professor Kamiar Alaei

SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC):

The SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC) is a multidisciplinary spring semester event hosted each year by different SUNY institutions. It brings together undergraduate student researchers and faculty mentors from across the SUNY system for activities, including sessions devoted to student presentations - oral, performance, artistic displays, and posters. By bringing together students and faculty from across the state, SURC helps realize the synergistic power of the SUNY system. The following are Honors College students who presented at the 2016 SURC:

  • Mary Adeyeye: “Combinatorial Drug Conjugation Enables Dual-Drug Delivery” Annie Baxter: “Regulation of cell cycle during oogenesis via acetylation of the CyclinA/Cdk2 complex by ATAC”
  • Kelsey Fleming: “The neuronal glutamate transporter EAAC1 regulates motor activity and anxiety in mice”
  • Merel Hermans: “Homophobia in non-heterosexuals and their families”
  • Jason Lettieri: “Nuclear Politics: The Effect of Regional and International Events on India’s Development of the Atomic Bomb”
  • Mohamad Nasrallah: “The cell cycle dependent transcriptome landscape of differentiation”
  • Dhruv Patel: “How RNA shape dictates function: A case study of a germ line mRNA” Roselyn Rodrigues: “Enzymatic determination of the age of a blood sample originator”
  • Shin Seunghyun: “Documenting Socio-Political Issues: Public Intellectualism in Muriel Rukeyser's Book of the Dead and C.D. Wright's One Big Self”