Pre-Law Information

The following information is intended as a quick reference. Students interested in pursuing a pre-law curriculum are strongly encouraged to visit the websites listed below and consult with Dr. Scoville, the Pre-Law Advisor.

Pre-Law at UAlbany

Students attending UAlbany who are interested in law school can major in any discipline, and are strongly encouraged to select programs of study (majors and minors) that best match their interest. There is no required pre-law curriculum, and successful UAlbany applicants to law school have majored in such diverse fields as communication, accounting, criminal justice, theatre, biology, and English.

To be well-prepared for the rigors of law school, students should pursue a program that requires attention to building analytical, communication, and research skills, as well as developing critical thinking and the ability to be precise in written and oral work. In addition, students should use their minor(s), electives, and internship opportunities to strengthen their academic skills, to provide breadth and depth to their academic work, and to acquire an initial perspective on legal issues of particular interest.

As a student in The Honors College pursuing a law-school interest, you should keep in mind that admission to law school is very competitive.  To be an attractive applicant to top law schools, you should use the opportunities provided by The Honors College to excel in your academic work, create a wide-ranging academic experience, and build a strong portfolio of on-campus, off-campus, and internship experiences.

Getting Started

As you begin your undergraduate years at UAlbany, there are two steps that you should take to get started on the right path:

   1. First, get to know Dr. Scoville, the Pre-Law Advisor, and become familiar with the services provided at the University at Albany. You can find out more by visiting the pre-law website:

    2. Take the time to research the components of a competitive law school application. Visit for more detailed information on this issue.

Pre-Law Advisor

Linda Scoville, Ph.D.
Assistant Director