Honors Graduates and Their Theses

The following students are graduates of The Honors College. Where available, there is a link to a student's honors thesis.  Click on the title of the thesis to see the complete thesis.

Honors Class 2017

Adeyeye, Mary, Chemistry, Design, Synthesis and Characterization of New Analogs of Tetraiodothyroacetic  acid (Tetrac) as Novel Angiogenesis Modulators and their Binding Studies with αvβ3 Integrin
Blatner, Philip, Nanoscale Science, Genetic Editing out the Tumor Growth Suppressor Gene TRM9L in Colorectal Cancer Models Using CRISPR-Cas9
Boll, Matthew, Chemistry, Differentiation of Hair Using ATR FT-IR Spectroscopy: A Statistical Classification of Dyed and Non-dyed Hairs
Bollen, Brian, Math, Irrational Eigenvalues of the Discrete Laplacian a Study of Simplical Complexes
Briggs, Caitlin,Psychology, Investigating the Roles of Felt Obligation and Politics in the Context of Procedural Justice-Outcome Relationships
Bunn, David, Biology, Rate Determination of the PRP8 Intein Splicing Kinetics
Caulfield, Chris, Computer Science, Cooperation Between Top Down and Low Level Markov Chains for Generating Rock Drumming
Chen, Yadi,Psychology, Psychotherapy Clients' Recalled Treatment Experiences: A Survey of Perceived Evidence-Based Practice Elements
Cook, Haley, History, Lawyers, the Public, and the Origins of America's Culture Wars
Choi, Wansoo, Finance, The Impact of Leverage on Hedge Fund Performance
Christoffel, Jessica, Public Administration and Policy, Literature Review and Accompanying Analysis of Diversity on a Nonprofit's Board of Directors: Does Diversity Impact Organizational Effectiveness?
Cummins, Ashley, Criminal Justice, Analysis of Psychological Symptoms of Youth in Residential Treatments Centers
Demme, Anthony, Physics, The Classical Limit of Entropic Quantum Dynamics
Duran-Reyes, Denisse, Biology, BHLHE40-AS 1 a Long-noncoding RNA Regulates DEC1 on Breast Cancer Progression
Edwards, Cassandra, Psychology, The Intrinsic Motivation of Immigrant Women in Male-Dominated Fields of Study
Fedczuk, Jonathan, Business Administration, Leadership and Performance in Various Group Dynamics
Fleming, Molly, Public Health, Estimating Environmental Emissions from Produce Waste Redistribution in the Capitol Region
Garry, Danielle, Human Biology, Changes in Body Fatness Among Mohawk Youth from 1979 to 1996-2000
Genis, Elizabet, Human Biology, Effects of an Impaired Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway and a Nonfunctional Gli3 Protein on GnRH-1 Neuronal Migration in Gli3 Xt/Xt mutants
Goldenberg, Quade, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Exploration of the Interactions Between Amyloid-β Protein and Insulin in Various Iconic Conditions
Iacobelli, Antonio, Accounting, Determinants of Profitability: Empirical Evidence from the Largest Global Banks
Ikwuazom, Chibuokem, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Transcriptional Regulation of dksA P3 Promoter in Escherichia Coli
Jaslove, Cara, Accounting,The rise of artificial intelligence: An analysis on the future of accountancy
Kim, Young Sun (Ellen), Criminal Justice,Are states that legalized physician-assisted death also more lenient towards abortion?
Knudtsen, Morgan, Political Science, Did Citizens United Get it Right? Campaign Finance Reform and the First Amendment - Finding the Balancing Point
Levit, Rachel, Anthropology, Waiting and Menstruation: A Look at Homeless and At-Risk Women's Experiences
Lamantia, Vincent, Biology, Controllable and Sequential Activation of Cancer Nanotherapy for Enhanced Synergistic Effect
Liao, Tianqi, Accounting, Exploring the Significant Differences Between Chinese and U.S. Corporations
Lima, Alexis, Psychology, Contributions of Perceived Ethnic Discrimination and Rumination to Depression, Anxiety, and Anger in Emerging Adults
Lorka, Michael, Finance, Do Corporate Managers Time Stock Repurchases Effectively?
Krisch, Robert S., Accounting, Equity Sell Disciplines across the Style Box
Manimala, Jibin, Biology, The Essential Oil of Lippia Alba Affects Drosophila Behavior and Physiology
Mannerberg, Lauren, Political Science, The Presidency and the Media: An Analysis of the Fundamental Role of the Traditional Press for American Democracy
McPeters, Naomi, English, Monstrous Souls Imprisoned in Monstrous Flesh: James Baldwin's Discourse of God, Power, and Love from Go Tell It On The Mountain to The Amen Corner
Morgan Dadzie, Gertrude, Public Administration and Policy, Healthcare Accessibility for Syrian Refugees: Understanding Trends, Host Countries' Responses and Impacts on Refugees' Health
Manchester, Colin, Business, The Relationship between Defense Expenditures and Economic Growth: A Granger Causality Approach
Nasrallah, Mohamad, Biology, Multimodal Molecular Mechanisms Control Germline Stem Cell Differentiation in Drosophilia
Noory, Hasina, Human Biology, Synthesis of a Bifunctional Macrocycle
Norton, Troy, Political Science, Mimesis in Practice: The Intersection of Artistic Reproduction and Politics

Patel, Dhruv, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Determining the Role of Secondary Structure in Translational Control
Payne, Alexandra, Psychology, Follow-Up to an Early Intervention for Parents of Young Children With or At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Riback, Lindsey, Public Health, HIV in New York City: An Overview of Cultural and Social Factors Contributing to an Individual's Decision to Disclose Their Disease Status
Shin, Seunghyun, English, How Documentary Poetry Imagines
Squires, Madison, Geography and Planning, The Check is in the Mail (And so is the House): An Analysis of the Short-Lived Catalog Home Phenomenon
Turner, Natalie, Social Welfare, Mental Health Care Treatment Seeking Among African American and Caribbean Blacks: What is the Role of Religiosity/Spirituality?
Zimmerglass, Zena, Linguistics, Focus Structures in Copala Triqui

Honors Class of 2016

Albanese, Kaita, Business Administration/Economics, The Relation between Social Responsibility and Exit Performance of VC-Backed Entrepreneurial Firms
Aldrich, Jamie, Accounting/Sociology, Birth Order and Occupational Choices in Young Adulthood: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth
Ankawa, Roi, Biology, Is the Effect of Glucose on Hippocampal Memory Insulin-Dependent?
Arbusto, Kaitlin, Art and Art History/Mathematics, The Materiality of Wood in Michelangelo’s Biblioteca Laurenziana
Beck, Zana, Accounting/Economics, Effectiveness of Beer Keg Registration Law on Decreasing Underage Binge Drinking
Bezerra, Leonardo, Nanoscale Science, Size Controlled Formation of a Collagen-Based Drug Delivery System
Bollen, Daniel, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Effect of group IIC introns on host gene expression in S. cerevisiae
Borden, Eve, Nanoscale Engineering, Gold Nanoparticle Colorimetric Sensing Technology
Bourne, Brittany, Criminal Justice, Fear of Crime and It’s Effect upon Opinions of the Police Related to Police Professionalism and Police Efficiency: A Secondary Data Analysis
Bruzgulis, Lucas, Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Predicting Structures and Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Alloys Using Density Functional Theory
Burg, Tomerg, Atmospheric Science, Analysis of Late Summer Heat Waves in the Northeast US
Carado, Bertrand, Physics, Characterizing Kepler Objects of Interest Using the Algorithm EXONEST
Colley, Amanda, Environmental Science, Exploring Bird Evolution: An Ornithology Lesson for Middle and High School Students
Colvin, Ashley, Chemistry, Effect of Concentration, Temperature, and Base Changes on Retrovirus Dimerization
D’Angelo, Joseph, Biology, Phenotypic characterization of adipose-specificVDR knockout mice
DelliCarpini, Gennaro, Biology, Trinucleotide Heterogeneity Expansions: In vitro Molecule Amplification & Purification
De Palma, Alex, Nanoscale Sciences and Engineering, Graphene’s Electronic Surface States on Metal Substrates
DeProspo, Bartlet, Nanoscale Engineering, Fundamental Interdiffusion Analysis of Ruthenium and Cobalt Films
Elwood, Jacqueline, Nanoscale Engineering, Optimization and Modeling of an Energy Harvesting Optical Micropropeller for Microfluidic Applications
Farrell, Victoria, Criminal Justice, The Effectiveness of Training for Correction Officers in the Performance of their Job
Feeney, Thomas, Criminal Justice, Does Firing a Weapon and Causing Bodily Harm on a Suspect Impact a Police Officer's Mental Stability Specifically Involving Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
Felker, Alex, Criminal Justice/Sociology, Failure of the Rockefeller Drug Laws
Grasso, Emily, ITM/Marketing, Increasing User Engagement on Social Media
Hermans, Merel, Psychology, Homophobia in non-heterosexuals and their families
Iadanza, Dylan, Business Administration, Are Government-Sponsored Pension Privatization Efforts Leading to Better Beneficiary Outcomes?
Johnson, Alana, Business Administration/Communication, Ethnic Media and Changes in Technology
LaRock, Timothy, Computer Science/Applied Mathematics, Wireless Frequency Spectrum Characterization and Transmitter Detection Using Wavelets
LeRouge, Evanna, Human Biology, The Investigation of DNA and RNA Structural Differences Using Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Lin, Hui, Public Policy/East Asian Studies, Demographic challenges facing Japan: Is the solution immigration or family incentives?
Lynch, David, Sociology, Religious Coping Mechanisms Among Death Row Inmates
McAlpine, Andrew, Accounting, Private Equity Investment in High Growth Companies: Selection and Performance
McCann, Patrick, Business Administration, A Conceptual Assessment of the Uncertain Future of the Personal Computer
McNamara, Kevin, Nanoscale Engineering, Modeling Secondary Electron Trajectories in Scanning Electron Microscopes
Miller, Joshua, Nanoscale Engineering, Modeling Secondary Electron Trajectories in Scanning Electron Microscopes
Milosevic, Ashley, Criminal Justice/Political Science, Guns in America, a Comparative Study of Firearm Policies in New York and Texas
Ni, Jane, East Asian Studies/Political Science, Selling Bodies and Souls: Human Sex Trafficking in China
Niles, Tyanni, Communication/English, Techniques for the Construction of Meaning and the Elicitation of Emotion in The Hunger Games
Novko, Lukas, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, The Danelaw: The Scandinavian Influence on English Identity
O'Donnell, Rachel, Atmospheric Science, Influence of Topography on Convective Patterns across the Greater Capital Region of New York
Pagendarm, Nicholas, Biology, Changes in Expression of Innervation and Accompanying Epithelium within Sjögren's Syndrome NOD/ShiLtJ Mouse Model
Rice, Valdis, Psychology/Sociology, The Mediating Effect of Moral Beliefs on Responses to Cyberbullying Scenarios
Rinefierd, Mackenzie, Accounting, Social Media Paradigm: An Antidote to the Competitive Divide Between Small and Large Businesses
Rodrigues, Roselyn, Chemistry, Proof of Concept for the Forensic Analysis of Blood Spots to Distinguish Time Since Deposition and Relative Age of Blood Spot Originator
Rousseau, Erin, Nanoscale Science, Development and Characterization of Adhesive Hydrogels for Stem Cell Culture
Sarenski, Alexandria, Human Biology, Sex differences in calbindin-D28K expressing cells in the brains of progesterone receptor knock out mice
Schlierer, Emily, Criminal Justice/Psychology, The Effect of Social Media Use on Foreign Fighter Recruitment for ISIS
Shi, Jerry, Nanoscale Engineering, Optimization and Modeling of an Energy Harvesting Micro-propeller for Microfluidic Applications
Soto, Nick, History, Decimation, Rejuvenation, Motivation: How Disease and Murder set the Stage at Saratoga
Sotola, Lukas, Psychology, The Effects of System Justification and Reminders of Ingroup Disadvantage on Just World Beliefs
Spero, Katarina, Anthropology, Differential Maya Economies: A Comparative Zooarchaeological Study of Political Economies at the Postclassic Site of Mayapán
Tewolde, Kidane, Biology, Fluorescence Analysis of Expanded Trinucleotide Repeat Heterogeneity after in vitro PCR Amplification
Volk, Amanda, Public Health, Legal, Structural, and Ethical Barriers to prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS: A Review of Malaysia and Kazakhstan
Voss, Nicholas, Psychology, Effects of Massive Familiarization on Crossmodal Aesthetic Preference
Wallack, Nicole, Physics, The Utilization of EXONEST in Characterizing Kepler Objects
Watson, Sarah, Accounting, What is Happening to Commercial Malls: Evaluating Contradicting Opinions
Waye, Katherine, Public Health, Turkey: An Overview on National Drug Use, Treatment Design, and the Characteristics of Patients Utilizing Treatment
Winning, Michael, Business Finance/ITM, Integrating Roadway Dynamics into a Systems Model of Urban Decay
Wolbrom, Jason, Accounting, The Relation Between University Endowment Fund Size and University Reputational Rankings
Zambetti, Peter, Criminal Justice/Psychology, Role of Recent and Remote Context Exposures on Incubation of Fear Memories


 Honors Class 2015


Alexis, Janeah, Biology, Developing a Novel Means of Observing the Intracellular Activities of Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein K within Xenopus laevis
Bjornsson, Alberte, P
sychology, The Effects of Interpersonal and Noninterpersonal Loss on Music Preference
Bonilla, Robert, Accounting,
Large American Banks and Economic Recovery: A look at 2009 and 2014
Brown, Katie, Biology,
Parallel adaptation of CD4 in SIV-endemic Gorilla and Pan lineages
Correia, Mark, Criminal Justice,
Intermittent white-collar offenders: Who they are and how to stop them
DesJardins, Sarah, Business Administration,
Cyber Attacked: Could You Be Next?
Fanciullo, James, Philosophy,
Toward A More Intuitive Virtue Ethics: A Perspectival View
Flynn, Patrick, Accounting,
Nike Marketing Strategy: A Company to Imitate
Forrester, Javin, Accounting, Coins in the Air: A literature review on the evolving framework of bitcoin and its relevance to the accounting profession
Gallagher, Laura, Political Science, The Commerce Clause and its Effect on Federalism
Ganz, Nicole, Business Administration, Data Anonymization and its Effect on Personal Privacy
Gura, Megan, Biology, The Differential Splicing of the SOCS2 5’UTR, a Gene Involved in Successful Central Nervous System Axon Regeneration in Xenopus laevis
Haimson, Matthew, Business Administration,
 Domination: The Consequence of a Modern Day Monopoly
Leggett, Amelia, Anthropology, Understanding the role of support groups in the lives of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Loenko, Vladislav, Business Administration,
Performance Sports: An Excuse for Doping?
Manheim, Jeremy, Chemistry, Differentiation of human, animal and synthetic hair by ATR FTIR Spectroscopy
Morse, Matthew, Accounting, Effects of Tax Evasion in the United States
Neroni, Olga, English, Unveiling Fantasy in the American Gothic
Njie, Mary, Biology, “Identifying Genes that Affect Lactococcus lactis Intron Mobility”
O’Leary, Kelsey, Biology, Chronic resveratrol treatment ameliorates cognitive deficits associated with a high fat diet
Oltz, Lindsey, Biology,
The RCK/p54 Prion-Related Domain and its Influence on the Localization and Function of RCK/p54 During HCV Infection
Passarelli, James, Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Organometallic Carboxylate Resists for EUV with High Sensitivity
Pfeil, Emily, Communication, An Analysis of Media Portrayals of Edward Durell Stone’s University at Albany Campus 1962-2014
Pierce, Rebekah, Biology, “Use of a pH-Sensitive Probe to Study the Role of PKC-epsilon in Phagocytosis of Pathogens”
Pino III, Richard, Business Administration,
Analysis into the Effect the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has had on Investor Confidence in Audited Financial Statements
Prestowitz, Luke, Nanoscale Science and Engineering,
Alloy Solute Interactions at Grain Boundaries and Nanoscale Interfaces in Copper
Roman, Jennifer, Accounting/Business Administration,
A Commentary on Women in the Workforce: Has the Issue of Gender Discrimination Pierced through to the Accounting Profession?
Rosh, Morgan, Business Administration,
Social Media: How the Most Influential Marketing Tool in Today’s Society Can Benefit and Enhance Developing Companies
Stern, Courtney, Accounting, Has Quantitative Accounting Research Misinformed us about the Relationship between Audit Tenure and Audit Quality?
Vernon, Annette, Social Welfare,
The Relationship between Positive Parenting Experiences in Childhood and Perpetration of Violence in Adult Dating Relationships
Weedon, Suzanne, Criminal Justice,
Are you trying to recruit suicide bombers or something?
Weintraub, Spencer, Biology, “Structure-activity Relationship Studies of Small Molecules Directed Against the T-box Specifier Loop”
Winston, Priya, Social Welfare,
Mental Health Care among Latina and African American Women: Literature Review and a Proposed Intervention
Winzenried, Samantha, Social Welfare, International Dating Violence Study: A Look Between Parental Status and Psychological Aggression
Yocono, Thomas, Physics,
The Van der Pol Oscillator as a Model of the Hair Cell Auditory Response: A Numerical Study

Honors Class of 2014

Bloecker, Christine, Atmospheric Science, “Southerly Mohawk Hudson Convergence”- An exploratory case study of terrain-induced wind convergence on the formation of thunderstorms in New York’s Capital Region
Brisbois, Chase, Nanoscale Science and Engineering, 
Bio Roll-Up: Self-Assembling Scaffolds For Tissue Engineering
Brunelle, William, Journalism, 
Journalism Portfolio
Chung, Ashley, Sociology, 
Long-term Hospitalization and the Impact on Emotional Well-being of a Child
Clark, Dan, Journalism, Multimedia Portfolio
D'Angelo, Matthew, Political Science, An Assault on Liberty: the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act and the Indefinite Military Detention of US Citizens without Charge or Trial
Findlay, Ernesto, Atmospheric Science, MJO Influence in Continental United States Temperatures
Franck, Genevieve, Linguistics, Ideophones in Manyika Shona: A descriptive analysis of ideophones and their function in Manyika (Bantu)
Gurrieri, Victoria, Communications, Investigating the World of Disney's Heroines: A Close Analysis of Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast
Hohlfeld, Bridgit, Geography and Planning, Urban Agriculture: An environmental and Moral Imperative
Junquera, Brian, Political Science, Corporal Punishment: An analysis of the Constitutionality of Domestic Corporal Punishment
Kamens, Dana, Anthropology, Tourism and Globalization in Latin America and the Caribbean: The ethics and concerns of Mass Tourism and Ecotourism
Karasaridis, Paul, Business/Finance, What Effect Do Rumors Have on Publicly Traded Sports Teams
Kartis, Jason, Biology,
In Vivo Analysis of Riboswitch Activity Using Luciferase Assays
Kelly, Matthew, French, Y et Là en français franco-américain
Leonard, Michele, Accounting, The Impact of Fraud Education on Fraud Detection

Mastorides, Alexandra, Communication and Rhetoric, Variations in the Facial Prominence of a Hollywood Action Heroine : The Case of Katniss in the Hunger Games

Mazart, Marisa, English, Breaking Bad: on the Western Genre and Audience Reception

Melillo, Gabriela, Psychology, The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on the Relationship between Negative Mood and Risk Taking

Melnitsky, Rebecca, Journalism, Obsession: Journalistic Pieces Through Four Years

Meringolo, Joseph, English, The Sanity of Furor Poeticus: Romanticism’s Demystification of Madness and Creativity

Pallozzi, Kyle, Atmospheric Science, The Effects of Downsloping on Storm Precipitation Distributions in the Capital District of New York State

Perez, Jorge, Finance, Are Un-Registered Hedge Funds More Likely to Misreport Returns?

Popiel, Olivia, English, The Black and the Blue: comedy, Laughter, and Deformity in Ellison’s Invisible Man

Sherretts, Jacob, Political Science, The Politics of Happiness in the Workplace

Tejeda, Genesis, Business, The cost of corporate carelessness

Teubl, Grace, Linguistics, Adjectives, be verbs, and determiners in Manyika Shona

Valentino, Gina, Journalism, A Journey Towards International Interdependence and Cultural Immersion

Veltre, Mary, Psychology, The Role of Transfer-Appropriate Processing in the Testing Effect

Wald, Jessica, Business Administration, Theorectical Consequence of Social Media and Retail Marketing

Wallace, Natalie, English, Ideology and Subversion: Linguistic Registers in Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible

Wedderburn, Christina, Business, Cruise Industry: Size Matters

Wierzbowski, Emily, English, The Isolated Self: A Re-imaging of the Individual in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell

Welburn, Laura, Psychology,
The Effect of Harsh Parenting on Anxiety Levels in Adolescents as Moderated by RSA and Family Stability
Wheeler, Kevin, English, Riffing on the Past: Jazz and Signifying in Ishmael Reed’s Mumbo Jumbo
Zenner, Ashley, Psychology, The Role of Social Expressiveness Expectancies and Body Image in College Students’ Alcohol Use: A Moderation Model

Honors Class of 2013

Aboul-Seoud, Fatima, Psychology, Factors Affecting the Detection of Relationship Status Deception
Adams, Donovan, Anthropology, Cypriot Religion of the Early Bronze Age: Insular and Transmitted Ideologies, ca. 2500-200 B.C.E.
Barlet, Grace, Public Health,
The Negative Health Effects and Recommendations for the Reduction of Exposure to Toxic Substances in the Auto Body and Auto Repair Industry
Bingham, Julie, English, Walking Corpses & Conscious Plants: Possibilist Ecologies in Graphic Novels
Brauner, Jeffrey, Political Science,
Exiting the Porkway, The Transformation of Transportation Politics
Briggs, Michael, Nanoscale Engineering,
Metal Oxide Nanocomposite Nanoliter Reaction Chamber Fabrication and Applications for Harsh Environment Gas Sensing
Brinkman, Jamie, History,
The Rise of Totalitarianism in Germany, As Seen in Albany Editorials 1933-1941
Bulman, Taylor, Psychology,
The Relationships Among Sharing Behaviors, Social Skills, and Problem Behaviors
Chu, Samantha, Human Biology, Molecular Actions of the Vitamin D Receptor in Mammary and Skin Carcinogenesis
Cooper, Natasha, Communications, The Media's Impact on College Students' Career Aspirations
Cunningham Bria, History, $1,000: The Price of Life and Honor in the 1834 North Carolina Supreme Court Case, State v. Will
Doss, Arianna, Psychology, Social Story Intervention for Children with Autism to Decrease Challenging Behaviors during Homework
Ferguson, Michael, Chemistry, Charging and Self-Assembly of Fullerene Fragments
Fiorini, Emily, Communications, What is a Sport Injury
Gillette, Nicole, Business, Corporate Social Responsibility: Is what's Good for Society also Good for Business?
Giroux, Corine, Biology, Differences in the Health of Domesticated Sheep (Ovis aries) Pastured in Wild and Agricultural Landscapes
Goldstein, Heather, Accounting, Does Goind Green Mean Losing Green? Bank of America vs JPMorgan Chase
Goldstein, Ian, Journalism, Selected Writings
Grady, Lauren, Psychology, Connection Between Cannabis Use and Psychosis and the Direct vs Indirect Form of Inquiry to Combat Self-Report Bias
Heller, Ryan, Business, Investment in Treasury Bills as a Means of Stock Portfolio Revenue Generation
Hovish, Michael, Nanoscale Science, Advancements Toward Single Site Information Storage and Processing Using HfO2 Resistive Random Access Memory (ReRAM)
Janiszewski, Brian, Nanoscale Engineering, High Element Gold Nanorod Plasmonic Sensing Array for Harsh Environment Gas Detection Grant Proposal
Jilson, Brianna, Anthropology, A Brief Exploration of the Development of the Japanese Writing System
Kenneally, Laura, Psychology, The Moderating Effect of Skin Conductance Level on the Relationship between Family Conflict and Disordered Eating Behaviors
Lydecker, Leah, Nanoscale Engineering, Generation of SAWs in GHz Range for Nanoscale Particle Removal
Lepowsky, Ian, English, Social Media Fetishism: The Substitution of Life, the Disavowal of Death, and the Zombie Syndrome
Litwhiler, Austin, English, From Pulp to Webpage: Homestuck and Postmodern Digital Narrative
Mihaylova, Mariela, Sociology, The Iron Fist and the People's Will: An Analysis of the Bulgarian Anti-Communist Movement and Meanings of Democracy
Norcott, Amanda, Public Health, State Compliance on the CDC Recommendations for Hepatitis C Testing
Nyman, Meghan, Public Policy, Equity through Education: Adapting the US Education System to a 21st Century Student Body
Papa, Nikoleta, Communications, Language Contact and Variation in the Spanish of Catalonia
Pate, Sarah, Psychology, Comparing Grief as a Negative Emotion to Survival for Memory Enhancement
Pollard, Jennifer, Human Biology, Implications of Tanzanian Culture on Nutrition and their Effects in People Living with HIV/AIDS
Scala, James, Financial Analysis, Do Mutual Fund Managers Outperform by Low-Balling their Benchmarks?
Seligson, Jason, Journalism, A Senior's Anthology
Sellers, Daniel, Biology, Molecular Modulation of Single and Multi-species Biofilm Formation by Orally-associated Bacteria
Servideo, Lauren, Journalism, A Millenial Little Pieces: Selected Writings from a Gen-Y
Smith, Heather, Psychology, The Effects of Progesterone Receptor on Development of Serotonergic Circuits that Mediate Cognition
Spiletic, Jeff, Accounting, Going Green in the Coffee Business: A Stock Market Perspective
Spiletic, Kevin, Business, Corporate Social Responsibility: Path to Profits or Track to Losses?
Staebell, Marybeth, Rhetoric and Communications, Perceptions of the "World"
Steinberg, Ashley, Communications, Witnessing the Holocaust: More Than Just a Story
Talamo, Alexander, Nanoscale Science, Neoadjuvant Therapy for Ovarian Cancer using Bioglycogen(tm) Nanoparticles SBIR Grant Proposal
Tseng, Joyce, Accounting,
An Empirical Investigation into the Informativeness of Earnings
Veneziano, Cara, Accounting, Restaurants: Do Healthy Menus Mean Positive Financial Performance? A Case Studyt of Chipotle Mexican Grill
Wallace, Krista, Criminal Justice, Perceptions of Mental Illness in the Legal System
Young, Briana, Political Science, Transforming Schools through Positive Youth Development 

Honors Class of 2012

Attard, Hannah, Atmospheric Sciences, Large-Scale Precursors to Major Lake Effect Snowstorms Lee of Lake Erie
Birla, Richa, Business Administration, Determinants of the Success of Active vs. Passive Investment Strategy
Broderick, Troy, Physics, Techniques for Improving Parameter Estimation in ESR
Cahill, Martin, English, The Role of Magic in Fantasy Literature: Exposing Reality through Fantasy
Chaudry, Ali, Physics, Robust and Economical Autonomous Navigation via Advanced Bayesian Methods
Danielson, Kelly, Anthropology, A comparative look at the energetic efficiency of bipedal locomotion in humans versus quadrupedal locomotion in primates: measurements of femoral and humeral proximal head articular surface
DesJardins, Zachary, Political Science, China in Africa: Examining Chinese foreign aid in Africa and implications for US interests
DiBenedetto, Katelyn, Anthropology, Analyzing Tophets: Did the Phoenicians Practice Child Sacrifice?
Faris, Amanda, Biological Sciences, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of Pan troglodytes using Mitochondrial DNA Coding Region Sequences
Frumkin, Sam, Africana Studies, The Power to Say Who’s Human: Politics of Dehumanization in the Four-Hundred-Year War between the White Supremacist Caste System and Afrocentrism
Garguilo, Maria, East Asian Studies, The Existentialist World of Murakami Haruki: A Reflection of Postmodern Japanese Society
Hobbs, Grace, English, Aeschylus’ Tragedy of Law: Kinship, the Oresteia, and the Violence of Democracy
Humphrey, Timothy, Atmospheric Sciences, An Evaluation of CAPE Tendency in Tornado Outbreaks
Forster, Julia, Business Administration, Student-Atheletes and Academic Success: A Comparison of the Graduation Rates, GPA and After College Success of Student-Athletes and Regular Students
Kan, Wai Ping, Business Administration, Corporate Social Responsibility: A Profitable Alternative
Kawakami, Simeon, Business Administration, The Structural Changes of the Hedge Fund Industry Over Time
Keefer, Jason, Atmospheric Science, The Rapid Intensification of Hurricane Gustav (2008)
Kenitz, Jacqueline, Anthropology, Sizes of joint articular surfaces in Homo sapiens and Pan paniscus and the relevance to locomotor differences
Kennedy, Ryan, Business Administration, The Effectiveness of Sell Discipline Strategies in Institutional Portfolios
Landriga, Sean, Business Administration, Stock Returns and the Franchise Value
Leuschner, Samantha, Globalization Studies, To Build a Nation An assessment of post-development thought and the example of Bolivia
Luscombe, Rachel, Anthropology, Transplanting Roots: Cultivating Community Amongst Brooklyn Mexican Immigrant Populations
Matt, Rebecca, English, Back to the Future: The Mechanics of Temporality in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine
Migdel, Daina, Business Administration, Qualcomm, Incorporated QCOM VS ViaSat, Incorporated VSAT
Modi, Nishtha, Biological Sciences, Probing the T-box riboswitch: A novel, high-throughput transcription reporter assay using a fluorophore-binding aptamer
Moghadam, Neema, Business Administration, Correlating Qualitative Performance with Qantitative Performance: Investigating the financial benefit of good corporate citizenship
O'Neil, Mathew, Political Science, Defining a Movement: Ann Marie Buerkle, the 112th Congress, and the Meaning of the Tea Party
Or, Annette, Accounting, Perspectives on Eventual IFRS Adoption
Pati, Brooke, Biological Sciences, The Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype (SASP) and Redox-Dependent Invasion of Metastatic Cancer Cells”
Rar, Slava, Business Administration, Terrorisk: The Impact of Terrorist Attacks on Sovereign Bond Yield Spreads of Targeted Countries
Ruling, Scott, Business Administration, “In Their Defense...” Arguments in the Debate over the Use of Corporate Takeover Defenses and their Policy Implications
Teevan III, John, French Studies, Âge d’or ou déclin avancé ? : Les succès et les échecs de la IIIe République en France, 1870-1940 (Golden Age or Rusted Decline?: The Successes and Failures of the Third Republic in France, 1870-1940)
Walton, Michelle, Political Science, Can a Financial Crisis Occur Under the Rules of Islamic Finance?
Weiner, Jackie, Accounting, Auditor Size vs. Audit Quality: An Analysis of Auditor Switches
Whipple, Sean, Political Science, Homosexuality in Africa: The Causes of State Discrimination based on Orientation
Wong ,Amy, Accounting, The Debate Over the 150 Credit Requirement
Zhang, Yingjie, Accounting, The Study on the Entry Mechanisms by Chinese Companies to the U.S. Market


Honors Class of 2011

Bennett, Kate, Public Health, A Review of the Alteration of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Aquatic Environment with an Analysis of the PCB Contamination of the St. Lawrence River Fish.
Bentley, Alicia, Atmospheric Sciences, A Preliminary Climatology of Tropical Moisture Exports in the Southern Hemisphere
Bhatia, Daksha, Philosophy, Physician-Assisted Suicide Within a Kantian Framework
Boutin, Matthew, Journalism, Selected Writings
Brown, Cherie, Political Science, Who Does and Who Doesn’t: The Impetus for Terrorist Organization Involvement with Drug Trafficking Organizations
Caramanna, Jillian, English, The Backwards Making of A Heroine: Mary Cowden Clarke’s Girlhood and Its Importance In the Shakespearean Conversation
Carreau, Cyndel, Biological Sciences, Homocysteine: A potential molecular link between Alzheimer’s Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Caulfiel, Glenn, Political Science, Player Two Has Entered the Game: The Role of Congress in the Formation of American Foreign Policy during the Presidency of George W. Bush
Clinkner, Sarah, Human Biology, Post-operative Extraction of Oxycodone from Human Hair
Closs, Hillary, Social Welfare, Adults with Developmental Disabilities as a Health Disparity in the Community
Colantani, Andrew, Business Administration, Sarbanes Oxley: An Antidote To Executive Greed?
Dedopoulos, Meredith, Criminal Justice, Incomplete Sentences: Predictors of Failure to Complete Court-Mandated Domestic Violence Counseling
DiBella, Gabrielle, Economics, Maternal Smoking as a Predictor of Infant Health
Dissanayake, Tania, Political Science, Sovereignty or Subjugation?: Explaining Muslim States’ Aversion to Full Ratification of CEDAW
Dubceac, Cristina, Chemistry, Cu(I) Wires: Structural Polymorphism and Photoluminescence
Franz, Carolyn, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic DNA Analysis and the Validation of Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer and GeneMapperID-X Software for STR Analysis
Ganetis, Sara, Atmospheric Sciences, Analysis of Banding in 26-27 December 2010 East Coast Blizzard
Hendrickson, Matthew, Accounting, Revenue Recognition of Gift Cards: Complications of Breakage Income
Janos, Jonathan, Business Administration, Is Portfolio Performance Related to Whether a Manager Has an Ivy League Education?
Jin, Janice, Biological Sciences, The role of Rac1 signaling in tissue polarity and branching morphogenesis during salivary gland development. (thesis not available for posting at this time)
Levy, James, Political Science,
Funding Terrorism: A Closer Look at Organized Crime Activity and Lethality
Morpeau, Ashley, Political Science, Twitter and political and civic engagement: Is there a relationship?
Meaghan, Art, 
A New View  photo1  photo2  photo3  photo4  photo5  photo6  photo7
Mullins, Kathleen, History, Oprah Winfrey v. Texas Cattlemen, Food Libel Laws in the United States and the Constitutionality of the Texas False Disparagement of Perishable Food Products Act
Orayfig, Andrew, Psychology, Cultivation of Mindfulness and Acceptance Processes in ACT and CBT: A Randomized Clinical Trial in a Pure Self Help Context
Owens, Uraina, Criminal Justice, Do youths lacking proper adult role models, guidance, and supervision, respond to the stresses of their transition from adolescents to adulthood, with gang membership?
Parenti, Mathew, Physics, Analysis of prominent decay modes for the Higgs boson at the LHC
Scala, Nicholas, Business Administration, Performance Attribution: Are Sector Fund Managers Superior Stock Selectors?
Stange, Kelly, Mathematics, Hermite Polynomials and Sylvester Type Determinants
Stepansky, Joseph, English, Without a Place but Always Trying to be Placed: Between Hope and Impossibility in Samuel Beckett’s Molloy
Stern, Benjamin, Biological Sciences, Characterization of RNA Aptamers to Drosophila Splicing Protein B52
Susca-Lopata, Gabriel, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, Searching for Melting-Induced Cold-Pool Circulations in an Oklahoma Winter Storm
Tijani, Rukayatu, Political Science, Justice Stephen Breyer: The Active Liberty Approach Applied
Tyszka, Audrey, Social Welfare, Psychosocial Needs of Refugees from Burma: A Social Work Perspective
Waldman, Cameron, Philosophy, Elements of a Self-Deconstructive Ethic
Warycha, James, Political Science, ­­­­­A Click Away from Democracy: ­­The Internet’s Effect on Civil Society Development & Democratization
Webster, Noelle, English, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: The Creature’s Attempt at Humanization
Whitcomb, Maureen, Women's Studies, Bodies of Flesh, Bodies of Knowledge: Representations of Female Genital Cutting and Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery
White, Melinda, Political Science, Gubernatorial Influence over New York State Appropriations: 1983-2009 

 Honors Class 2010

Bhopale, Roopa, Business Administration, owards a Deeper Understanding of the Use and Effectiveness of Human Resource Dashboards
Boyd, Amanda, English, The Dynamics of Male/Female Relationships in John Donne's Love Poetry
Callahan, Catherine, Political Science, Explaining Variations in Response to the Threat of Climate Change
Costanzo, Vanessa, Psychology, The Role of Progesterone Receptor in Development of Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Impulsive Behavior
DaCosta, Daniel, Biological Sciences, Formation of testosterone's 5 alpha-reduced, versus aromatized, products can have beneficial cognitive and anti-anxiety effects without negative effects on prostate or sexual behavior of male rats
DeBraccio, Steven, Criminal Justice, Assessing the Legality of Solitary Confinement
Friedman, Kristen, Anthropology, Cinderella Tales and their Significance
Gallagher, Ryan, History, A Situation for Revolt: A Study of the Situationist International's Influence on French Students During the Revolt of 1968
Gellert, Tali, Communication, Campaign Finance & Online Oversight
Grafmuller, Alexa, Anthropology, Gamete Donation: Understanding Prospective Donors Motivations 
Graham, Barbara, Biological Sciences, Bioengineering Tissue Constructs Using Elastic Alginate Hydrogels
Grogan, John, Business Administration, The Financial Crisis 2010: The Role of the Shadow Banking System
Fareed, Haddad, Biological Sciences, The Anti-Epileptic Drugs phenytoin and valproate produce reproductive endocrine dysfunction among female rats through its effects on progesterone and its 5alpha-reduced metabolites
Hocker, Christopher, Economics, Unemployment Insurance and the Role of Retained Earnings from Part-Time Work
Jennings, Robert, Anthropology, The Hellenization of Cyprus in the Late Cypriot III and Beyond: Detecting Migrations in the Archaeological Record
Jolles, Brittany, History, An American Tragedy: Theodore Dreiser's Fight against Intellectual Censorship and Early Hollywood
Jones, Amanda, Communication, Celebrities and Causes: Where Does the Focus Lie in Print Media Coverage?
Kessler, Joshua, Biological Sciences, In vitro Analysis of Microfluidic Neural Probes
Knaack, Jeffrey, History, You Must Fight to Win: The Media, State Department and Vietnam 1967-1968
Kratoville, Jayson, Political Science, To Fight or Not to Fight: Examining Violence as an Organizational Choice
Mariconda, Laura, Biological Sciences, Activity-Dependent Sharpening of the Retinotectal Map in Zebrafish: The Role of the Par Complex
Mellen, Cyndi, Political Science, Lessons from Nuclear Reversal: Why States Reverse Ballistic Missile Policy
Molina, Marissa, Art, Untitled: A Life in Art     work1    work2       work3
Moonan, Kimberly, Social Welfare, The Impact of After-School Programming, Neighborhood Safety, and Neighborhood Support on Adolescent Alcohol Use
Newton, Steve, Business Administration, Do hedged mutual funds hedge?
Parisi, Danielle, Human Biology, The Mechanical Function of the Postorbital Bar in Eulemur fulvus: Analyzed Using Finite Element Analysis
Patrosz, Julita, Biochemistry, Biophysical Investigation of the Cataract Associated Mutant, E107A of Human Gamma-D Crystalline
Place, Lucy, Communication, Drug Users in Fall 2009 Television Dramas: Character Profiles
Pon, Daren, Business Administration, Investigating Efficiencies of Long and Inverse ETF Pairs
Ramcharitar, Justin, Psychology, The Effect of Recurrent Hypoglycemia on Mental Flexibility
Sidoli, Scott, Mathematics, Certain Two-Parameter Representations of the Lie Algebra sl(2,C)
Stiles, Michelle,  Psychology, Neuropsychological Performance in Cannabis Users and Non-Users Following Motivation Manipulation
Spear, Ben, Political Science, Bits and Bytes on the Front Lines: An Examination of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks as a Terrorist and/or State-Based Threat
Sturcken, Joseph, English, Tragical History and Tragedy as Inquisitive Vehicles: Examining the Implications of Marlowe's Two Faustus Texts
Van der Vossen, Brendan, Business Administration, Bank Liquidity Management
Weiner, Ann, Linguistics, Body Part Words in Copala Triqui and a Brief Spatial Sketch

Honors Class of 2009

Bunning, Lana, Biology, Evolutionary Analysis of Host Proteins CD4, CXCR4, and CCR5, and HIV/SIV gp120
Conway, John, Finance, Investigating the Persistence of Hedge Fund Returns Over the Period of 1998 to 2005
Daly, Margaret, Biology, The Role of tRNA Modification Systems in the Cellular Stress
Larry, Nasiratu, Biology, Effects of Carbachol and Vitamin C on Submandibular Salivary Gland Branching Morpogenesis
Lu, Leann, Public Administration & Policy, Mortgage Lending Reform: Finding Innovative State Responses to the Foreclosure Crisis
Nye, Lauren, English, Our Greatest Want: An Examination of the Rhetorical Tendencies Employed by African American Female Abolitionist Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
Reed, Katie, Public Administration & Policy, The Effect of Teachers' Unions on Issues in School Reform
Smith, Joanna, Art History, The Synagogue of Dura Europs: An Inclusive Narrative
Sperrazza,Whitney, English, A Woman's Story at a Winter's Fire: Gender Performativity and the Intrinsic Power of the Feminine in Shakespeare's Macbeth
Zahn, David, History, Assessing "Founders' Chic": An Examination of Recent Studies of Benjamin Franklin for Insights into the Resurgence of the Founders in American Historiography

Honors Class of 2008


Gray, Elizabeth, Philosophy, Rawls on Civil Disobedience
Koch, Eric, Biology, Activity-Dependent Sharpening of the Retinotectal Map in Zebrafish: The Role of GAP43 and the Par Complex
Kramer, Catherine, Political Science,
Females in Terrorist Organizations
Maggio, Cory, Political Science, Supreme Court Decision-Making: How an Integrated Model can Prevent Inappropriate Judicial Behavior