Islamic Faith and Theology(by Fordham University)
A part of "Islamic History Sourcebook." Topics including the Sunni and Shi'ite traditions, Sufism, Islam as a modern faith, and women in Islam.

The Noble Qur'an
Links to the English translations of Quranic chapters by Yusufali, Picthal and Shakir.

The Noble Qur'an
Another English translation of Qur'an.

The Holy Qur'an Encyclopedia
Miscellaneous topics about Quran.

Islam (by Columbia University)
Comprehensive links and web resources of Islam.


Christianity in the Middle East
A brief introduction to three of the earliest forms of Christianity in the Middle East: the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt, The Syrian Orthodox Church, and the Maronite Catholic Church of Lebanon.

Between the Temple Mount and a Hard Place
An article about Palestinian Christians from Christian Today.

Christian Resources (by University of Texas)
Comprehensive links to the understanding of Christianity in ancient Middle East
and it present situation.


The Emergence of Judaism(by Fordham University)
The early history of Judaism.

Judaism in the Modern Age (by University of Calgary)
A comprehensive study guide for the understanding of modern Judaism.

Judaism (by Columbia University)
Links and resources of various topics related to Judaism.


Avesta - Zoroastrian Archives
The complete text of the extant Avesta, the most ancient scriptures of
Zoroastrianism, as well as many Pahlavi scriptures. Also useful information for
students of Zoroastrian religion.

The Zoroastrian Calendar
With a history of its origin.


The Druzes (by Institute of Druze Studies)
History and people of the Druze religion.

With online archive of selected articles from El-Doha Magazine for a better
understanding of the ancient Druze wisdom.


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