Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
A must see site for everyone interested in Islamic history. Excellent site for primary
sources as well as secondary sources.(by Fordham University)

Islamic History in Arabia and Middle East
A well-written survey, organized according to dynasty.

A Brief Chronology of Islamic History
A chronology of historical events from the 6th to the 20th century.

Ancient to Pre-modern

Ancient History and Archealogy
Links provided by the Middle East Network Information Center at U of Texas.

Ancient and Medieval Middle East
Selected links provided by the Middle East Studies at Columbia University

Ancient Middle East
With a focus on ancient Egypt.(by Cornell University Library)

Medieval Middle East
Links compiled by Cornell University Library.

Early Islam
Major events in chronological order from the birth of the Prophet to 1492.

The Islamic World to 1600
An on-line book developed by the Department of History at the University of Calgary.
Largely political history of the Muslim world until 1600.


Middle East Since 1914
The Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and other issues.

Modern History of the Middle East
With a focus on political history. (by Cornell University Library)

Historical and Peace Process Documents
Documents and background on the Palestine/Israel conflict, peace process and
other Middle Eastern history


Bibliography on Middle East

Bibliography for Medieval Islam

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, History of Palestine, Zionism and Arab Nationalism

Resources in Modern History and Politics of the Middle East

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