Art & Architecture

Islamic Art and Architecture Organization (IAAO)
From Mesopotamian coins to Moorish palaces, this educational website offers a
fascinating introduction to Islamic art and architecture.

Islamic Art, Music, and Architecture Around the World
Extensive links to understand Islamic culture through art, music and architecture. (by
Department of Religion at the University of Georgia)

Islamic Art Introduction
Provided by Los Angeles County Museum of Art, describes the development of
Islamic art with wonderful images.

Images From the Past
Historical photographs and illustrations from Lebanon and the Levant.

Middle East Photographs Archive
The Middle East Department of the University of Chicago Library maintains an
archive of early photographs of the Middle East.

Architecture of the Middle East
Provided by Great Buildings Online.

Art History Resources on the Web
In-depth links divided by period and geography.

Persian Art
Art of Iranian Artists, provided by Standard University.

Pictures From Kuwait
Images of old Kuwait and new Kuwait.


Al Mashriq- Middle East Music, Song and Dance
Extensive information about the Arabic music and culture.

Turkish Music and Voice Library
Multi functioning music site. Real Audio and MP3 music in almost any style.

Harvard's Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Links to music and songs of different countries in the Middle East.

Bibliography on Arab and Turkish Music


Columbia University- Middle East & Jewish Studies
Links to Arabic literature, Persian literature, Hebrew literature, Turkish literature, etc.

Arabic Literature
A wonderful website with original texts and links to internet resources, provided by
Cornell University Library.

Harvard University- Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Links to literature of different cultures.


Learn Arabic
An excellent multimedia on-line learning program with five levels from pronunciation,
grammer to conversation, made by Sakhrmedia.

Arab Gateway
Introduction to Arabic.

Hebrew Resources
Links for Hebrew and Semitic studies.

Turkish Resources
Resources for learninig Turkish.

Languages of the Middle East
Links and character sets of different languages. (by Cornell University Library)


Good Cooking- Middle East
Recipes from different countries.

Miditerranean Recipes
Variety of recipes from the Arabic world.

Middle East Food
A wide range of images showing Middle Eastern foods and beverages.

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