RUN away Mar. 14. from Edmund Farrel, Tanner, a Servant Man named Alexander Nelson, an Irishman, aged about 24 Years, of middle Stature. He has a black Wig, a lead colour Camlet Coat, a black Drugget Jacket, Buckskin Breeches, fine Hat, grey worsted Stockings, new Shoes; gas also taken with him a Quantity of Paper Money, and some Silver, and also the old Indentures of one James Mac Daniel, now free, and the Pass of the said Mac Daniel out of Maryland, and probably may use his Name. Whoever secures the said Servant so that he may be had again, shall have Three Pounds Reward, and reasonable Charges paid, by Edmund Farrel.



RUN away July 19, from William Cox, of New Brunswick, a Servant Man named Stephen Parstow, an Englishman, a Blacksmith by Trade, about 22 Years of Age, of a swarthy Complexion, down

Look, short black curl'd Hair, wears a light natural Wig, gingham Coat and Breeches, new homepsun blue strip'd Trowsers; and, has taken with him a new strip'd calimanco Man's Gown [?] a leather Doublet, and a young black shock Dog with cu [?] Ears, and Tail dock'd short: He may pretend by his Indentures that his Time is out. He has the Letters S.P. mark'd on his right Hand with Gunpowder. Whoever secures him so that his Master may have him again; shall have Twenty Shillings Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by William Cox.



RUN away on the 27th of April past, at Night, from Samuel Butt of Plumsted Township, Bucks County, an Irish Servant Man, named William Cough [Cuugh], short of Stature, bow legged, flat footed, of a dark Complexion, round and full fac'd, much mark'd with the Small Pox, is watry eyed, and wears a Cap or light colour'd Wig: Had a good Felt Hat, a blue Duroy Coat lin'd with Silk Crape, a pretty good white Dimmity Jacket, and new Breeches of the same, a new fine Shirt and two new homepsun ones, two new Muslin Stocks, white Cotton Stockings and a pair of grey yarn ones, old round toe'd Shoes with strings in them. He has taken his own and another Man's Indentures with him. Whoever takes up and secures the said Servant, so that his Master may have him again, shall have Forty Shillings Reward, and reasonable Charges, paid by SAMUEL BUTT.


COPY of a Warrant issued by Lord Chief Justice Raymond, in England; published here to show that the Civil Power can take inlisted Apprentices out of his Majesty's Service. ANG. ss. WHEREAS Henry McCabe, of the Parish of St. James, Westminster, Baker, hath made Oath before me, that one John Woodward, by Indentures of Apprenticeship, duly executed, bearing Date the Fifth Day of January 1726, became bound to him as an Apprentice or the Space of seven Years. And that about the 28th Day of February last, the said John Woodward absconded from his Service without his Privity, Knowledge or Consent, and that he is informed and believes the sand John Woodward, has inlisted himself in his Majesty's Service. These are therefore to will and require, and in his Majesty's Name, strictly to charge and command you, and every one of you upon Sight hereof, to apprehend the Body of the said John Woodward, and bring him before me (if taken in or near the City of London) and otherwise before the next Justice of the Peace where he shall be herewith taken, to the End he may be restored to his said Master Henry McCabe, to serve out the remaining Time of his Apprenticeship; and hereof fail not at your Perils. Given under my Hand and Seal this 12th Day of March 1732. To Joseph Bennet, Esq; my Tipstaff, or his Deputy, and also to all chief Constables, Petty Constables, and all others whom these may Concern. RAYMOND.

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