The History Department regards advising its majors as one of its most important responsibilities and believes that students deserve individualized attention from faculty members. To that end, the department has assigned each History major a specific faculty member as an advisor. That faculty member will be your main contact for advisement, including obtaining an advisor verification number (AVN), deciding on class schedules each semester, reviewing your degree audit, and consulting about graduate or professional school, career plans, and other academic matters. To find out who the department has assigned as your advisor, please consult your MyUAlbany page or look at the top of your DARS.

Once you have declared a major, do not use AdvisorTrac. To schedule appointments, contact the professor directly. Their emails can be found here

Preregistration and AVNs

Each semester, prior to the preregistration period (October during Fall semester, and March during Spring), students should contact their advisor to find out about scheduling an advising appointment. You should then consult History course descriptions available on-line on the department’s Web page, and arrive at your preregistration advising appointment with a copy of your degree audit, an understanding of the graduation requirements you have yet to fulfill, and a list of potential classes for the following semester. Advisors will review this information with you, then provide you with an AVN to allow you to sign up for classes once registration has begun. **Please note: you cannot receive your AVN without attending one of these advisement meetings.**

The Undergraduate Committee

Students may see their advisor at other times during the semester to discuss academic matters. Members of the undergraduate committee, who help oversee the department’s undergraduate program, are also available in this capacity They can help with matters ranging from problems with your audit, to questions about the major, study abroad credit approvals (Study Abroad Preliminary Approval of Courses form), transfer credit (Transfer Credit Permission form), the honors program, and much more.


The following forms are available for downloading from this page. If you encounter any problems, please contact the History Department office in Social Sciences 145. 

Matriculation prior to Fall 2011

Matriculation Fall 2011 and later

These forms will help you figure out what requirements you have already met, and what requirements you still need to meet for the history major. Note the different forms depending on whether you matriculated in Fall 2011 or before.

Declaring a Concentration

Fill out the appropriate place on the Undergraduate Program Information Form to declare your concentration in the history major. Once completed, drop it off at the Registrar's Office in CC-B25.

Declaring a Minor

Fill out the appropriate place in the Undergraduate Program Information Form to declare your minor. Once completed, drop it off at the Registrar's Office in CC-B25.

Phi Alpha Theta Application

Information about Phi Alpha Theta, including application form available here.

Honors Program Application

This form is necessary to apply for the Undergraduate Honors Program and is due March 15. Please contact the Undergraduate Director if you have any questions.

Independent Study Form

This form is necessary for students planning to pursue an independent study (His 497).

Transfer Credit Permission Form

This link takes you to the Registrar's Office website, where the form may be downloaded in PDF format. This form is required of any student wishing to transfer credits from another school to UAlbany.

Study Abroad: Preliminary Approval of Courses Form

This link takes you to the UAlbany Office of International Education, where the form may be downloaded in Microsoft Word. (Go to "Post-Acceptance" forms.) This form will assist students with having courses pre-approved for credit before traveling overseas.

Permission for Seniors to Take 100-level Courses Form

This link takes you to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, where the form may be downloaded in Microsoft Word.

We encourage you to visit the Department at any time should you have questions or need advisement. We are located in the Social Sciences Building. The main office is located on the first floor in Room 145; many faculty members and teaching assistants are located on the ground floor in Suite 60.

Professor Ryan Irwin, Ph.D.
Office: SS 060N- Phone: 442-5379