Allen Ballard  

Steven Leibo   

Reid Mitchell  

William Rainbolt  


Essay by Allen Ballard   

Essay by Steven Leibo 

Essay by Reid Mitchell  

Essay by William Rainbolt  

Guest Essay

Essay by Thomas Mallon  


Writing samples 

Moses Rose  
by William Rainbolt  

A Man Under Authority   
by Reid Mitchell  

Carried by Six
by Allen Ballard 

Tienkuo: The Heavenly Kingdom   
by Steven Leibo  



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Responses to the Form of the Conference

As you respond, please keep these questions in mind:

If you responded to any of the material at this site, how did you respond: spontaneously? at a later time, after organizing your thoughts? or at a later time, after doing research on what you wished to say? 

Was this form more or less effective in conveying ideas and point of view of the participants than a *real* conference session? 

How easy or difficult is it to follow the discussion by the contributors? 

How would you design a similar venture? 

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