Full-time Faculty

Aso, Michitake, Ph.D. , Associate Professor & Undergraduate Director
20th Century Southeast Asia, Global Environment, Medicine and Health
Office: SS 060P - Phone: 518-442-5441   

Bernard, Sheila Curran, M.F.A., Associate Professor & Public History Director
History and Media, Public History, Documentary, U.S. Topics
Office: SS 060D - Phone: 518-442-5300

Bon Tempo, Carl, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Graduate Director       
20th Century U.S., Politics, Public Policy, Foreign Policy
Office: SS 109B - Phone: 518-442-5368

Dawson, Alexander, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Modern Latin America
Office: SS 060M - Phone: 518-442-5300

Florea, Cristina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor-(On Leave Fall 2018 & Spring 2019)
19th- and 20th-century Eastern and Central Europe
Office: SS 145E - Phone: 518-442-5300

Fogarty, Richard, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Modern Europe, Modern France, European Imperialism, War and society
Office: SS 060C - Phone: 518-442-5344

Francesconi, Federica, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Judaic Studies Program Director
Office: SS 119C - Phone: 518-442-3078

Graves, Kori, Ph. D., Assistant Professor
20th Century U.S. History, Gender and Women’s history, Marriage and Family/adoption history and Foreign Relations
Office: SS 060L - Phone: 518-442-5292

Hamm, Richard F., Ph.D., Professor
19th & 20th Century American legal, Public Policy, Media
Office: SS 109C - Phone: 518-442-5382

Hochfelder, David, Ph.D., Associate Professor
U.S. Gilded Age and Progressive Era, History of Technology, History of Capitalism, Public History
Office: SS 060B - Phone: 518-442-5348

Irwin, Ryan, Ph.D., Associate Professor
United Stated and the World history, with an emphasis on African and Asian decolonization; International history in the 20th century; political history; social movements
Office: SS 060N -Phone: 518-442-5379

Kane, Maeve, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Early American History, Women and gender History, Consumer History and Material Culture of Race and Gender
Office: SS 060S - Phone: 518-442-5300    

Kizenko, Nadieszda, Ph.D., Professor & Chair 
Russian history, Cultural history, Religion in History
Office: SS 145C - Phone: 518-442-5305

Korobeynikov, Dimitri, D. Phil, Associate Professor
Ottoman History, 11th-15th century Byzantines History, Religion
Office: SS 145H - Phone: 518-442-5352

Krosby, H. Peter, Ph.D., Professor
International history since 1870 with emphasis on great-power diplomacy and World War II political and military history
Office: SS 145G - Phone: 518-442-5300

Nold, Patrick, D. Phil. Associate Professor
Medieval Europe, Intellectual and Cultural, history, manuscript sources
Office: SS 145J - Phone: 518-442-5434

Pastore, Christopher, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Sabbatical Fall 2018 & Spring 2019)
Early America, Atlantic World, Environmental History, Oceanic History
Office: SS 060J - Phone: 518-442-5311    

Schwaller, John, Ph.D., Professor
Colonial Latin American History; History of Mexico, Catholic Church in Latin America, Nahuatl (Aztec) language and culture
Office: SS 060F - Phone: 518-442-5300

Smith-Howard ,Kendra, Ph.D., Associate Professor
20th Century U.S. , Environmental History, Agricultural/Rural history
Office: SS 060Q - Phone: 518-442-5375       

Taylor, Michael, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ancient History
Office: SS 145F - Phone: 518-442-5300

Wittern-Keller, Laura, Ph.D., Lecturer
20th century U.S. Public Policy, Legal, Constitutional and Immigration history
Office: SS 060E - Phone: 518-442-5300

Zahavi, Gerald, Ph.D., Professor
U.S. business & Labor, Local & Regional, Oral History, Quantitative, Media
Office: SS 060R - Phone: 518-442-5427