Lucia Finotto

Lucia Finotto


Social Science 145

PhD, Brandeis University

Lucia Finotto

Lucia Finotto, PhD, is a Visiting Lecturer in Judaic Studies at the University at Albany for the Spring of 2020. She received her PhD in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University. Her research and publications concentrate on Medieval Sephardic Judaism and Medieval Islam with a focus on the Mediterranean and the Jews of the medieval kingdom of Sicily. Her monograph in progress is tentatively titled “Translating Islamic Sciences in Medieval Sicily: Jews, Monarchs and Mediterranean Intellectual Networks.” She has been working as a professional translator for many years and most recently finished translating into Italian Gli Ebrei di Libia: identitá e memoria, translation from English of Jacques Roumani, Jewish Lybia: Memory and Identity in Text and Image, Syracuse University Press, 2018. Italian edition, Salomone Belforte, Livorno, Spring 2020.