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Governor of New York

"Hugh L. Carey was first elected governor of New York on November 5, 1974, with the third largest plurality in New York State
history.  He defeated incumbent Governor Malcolm Wilson by a margin of 808, 836 votes, rolling up 58% of the totalfour-party vote.

Standing firm on his record of tough fiscal management, tax cuts and the saving of New York City from bankruptcy, Governor Carey
was subsequently reelected on November 7, 1978.  Easily withstanding a primary challenge, he went on to defeat Assembly Minority Leader
Perry B. Duryea by a margin of 272, 868 votes." - Public Papers of Hugh L. Carey

Hugh faced a number of challenges during his time as Governor of New York. Take a closer look at a few of the major problems
he had to confront as governor and some of the programs and campaigns he created by clicking on one of the designated cities or geographical locations on...

The Map of New York


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