Areas of Expertise

Environmental History

Environmental historians examine how nature shaped human culture and how humans have shaped nature in return. Our faculty have published widely in global and American environmental history from the early modern period to the present. We examine agricultural history, marine environmental history, consumer culture, the history of commodities, environmental thought and politics, public health, and the transformation of landscapes, among other topics. Explore the history of the human connection to nature at the head of the Hudson River and surrounded by the Adirondack, Catskill, Green, and Berkshire Mountains. Tap all the advantages of living in New York’s state capital and join our group of environmentally minded scholars, educators, artists, and advocates by pursuing an M.A. or Ph.D. in the Department of History.

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Prof. Michitake Aso: 20th-Century Southeast Asia, Global Environmental History, Health and Disease
  • Prof. Christopher Pastore: Early America, Atlantic World, Environmental History, Oceanic History
  • Prof. Kendra Smith-Howard: 20th Century U.S., Environmental History, Rural and Agricultural History, Food History, Consumer Culture and Consumer Politics
  • Prof. Gerald Zahavi: Documentary Film and Video production, Broadcast and Internet Radio production, Local and Regional History, Oral History, Work and Society

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History of Public Policy

Our faculty conceive of public policy history broadly. We encourage students to use public policy history as a window on to larger historical questions and issues. Thus, we urge students to pursue coursework in areas outside their immediate interests in order to develop a wide-ranging foundation of historical knowledge. In recent years, students have undertaken a wide array of research projects in migration and immigration, U.S. foreign policy and diplomacy, race relations and civil rights, political economy and economic development, environmental history, and politics and state-building. Our graduates have gone on to positions in universities and colleges (as teachers and administrators), in government, and in the private sector.

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Prof. Richard Hamm: United States Legal History
  • Prof. Carl Bon Tempo: United States Political History
  • Prof. Ryan Irwin: History of United States in the World
  • Prof. Kendra Smith Howard: United States Environmental history; Consumer policy
  • Prof. Kori Graves: United States gender and family history
  • Prof. Mitch Aso: Global Environmental History
  • Prof. Susan Gauss: History of Latin America and History of Political Economy
  • Prof. Gerry Zahavi: United States Labor History and Capitalism
  • Prof. David Hochfelder: History of American Capitalism and of Technology

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Capitalism, Business, and Technology

By understanding capitalism as a historical process, specialists in this area examine a wide array of themes and issues related to the history of global and regional economies, business, work, technology, and consumption. Our faculty research interests and courses cover such varied topics as: the development of capitalism and socialism; gender, class, and class relations; business enterprise and management; consumption and consumer culture; advertising; local and regional economies; labor-management and business-state relations; the history of work; trade union history; race and discrimination; material culture; technology and production; market development and growth; economic production and the environment. The Department of History provides students with a distinguished faculty who have published scholarly works on these and related areas and whose specializations cover all areas of the world. In keeping with the inter-disciplinary nature of the field, their expertise is bolstered by faculty in other departments at the University at Albany, including Africana Studies; Anthropology, Business, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Prof. Mitch Aso: Global Environment and Commodities
  • Prof. Susan Gauss: Latin America Commodities, Capitalism, Labor, and Political Economy
  • Prof. David Hochfelder: United States Capitalism and History of Technology
  • Prof. Maeve Kane: United States Consumer History and Material Culture
  • Prof. Kendra Smith-Howard: United States consumer culture and policy; agriculture and food industry; labor and environment
  • Prof. Gerald Zahavi: United States Labor History; Capitalism and Anti-Capitalism

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Topics of Study

  • Early America

  • Modern United States

  • U.S. in the World

  • Race in America

  • Native American History

  • Modern Europe

  • Medieval Europe

  • Russian History

  • Middle Eastern History

  • Asian History

  • Latin American History

  • Legal History

  • Gender History

  • Military History

  • Religious History

  • Jewish Studies