Stacy Renee Veeder

Full CV

M.S. London School of Economics and Political Science
B.A., New York University

Social Science 060W

Stacy Renee Veeder’s research focuses on genocide studies, human rights, modern European and global history, and international relations. She has received the Claims Conference Saul Kagan Fellowship in Advanced Holocaust Studies, the Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellowship, the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University summer fellowship, and grants from the Center for Jewish History, the American Academy of Jewish Research, the Morris Altman Award, the Samuel and Jennie Zippin Scholarship, and the Initiatives for Women Award. She studied genocide and human rights at the London School of Economics and NYU, and held a position within the United Nations Security Council where she was responsible for research regarding human rights, atrocities, and genocide prevention. Her dissertation project analyzes the correspondence and memoirs of marginalized and interned Jewish individuals from the concentration camps of France, highlighting their fervent attempts to advocate for the restoration of the rights and voice of themselves and their community. Crucial to this project is an analysis of how ideas of universalism and citizenship transformed in the lead up to the Second World War due to processes of social and political marginalization and the development of an environment of increased anti-Semitism and xenophobia.