Justin Charles Pergolizzi

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B.A., Nazareth College

Social Sciences 060W

Dissertation (tentative): “Santo Domingo’s Finest:: The Guardia Nacional Dominicana and the Defense of the United States’ Empire in the Caribbean during the First World War, 1917-1919. Chair: Professor Richard S. Fogarty

I am interested in the military history of the United States and Latin America, especially the role of military institutions in US-Caribbean relations. My research focuses on US-led Caribbean constabularies and their role in empire building, revealing intersections of gender, race, and citizenship in the American Caribbean. My dissertation is a history of the Guardia Nacional Dominicana formed during the 1916-1924 US occupation of the Dominican Republic, focusing on the leadership cadre which was composed of US Marines and officers of the US Army’s Puerto Rican Regiment. It examines the use of the Guardia Nacional as a vehicle for Americanization and highlights Dominican and Puerto Rican contributions to the defense of the Caribbean during the First World War.

Justin Charles Pergolizzi