Public History Courses

Complete information on the pathway through the History M.A. concentration in Public History can be found here. Students are also encouraged to explore  graduate courses offered by the Department of Information Studies

History Master of Arts with a Concentration in Public History

Program of Study (36 credits, click here for details)

In addition to other graduate history courses offered, public history concentration courses include:

HIS 501 - Introduction to Public History (required)
HIS 503 - Introduction to Historical Agency Management and Practice
HIS 504 - Curatorial Practices for Historical Agencies
HIS 505 - Interpretation of Historic Sites & Artifacts
HIS 506 - History Museums
HIS 508 - Material Culture Studies
HIS 509 - Introduction to Historic Preservation
HIS 594 - Practicum in Oral/Aural History
HIS 596 - Practicum in Digital History
HIS 597 - Practicum in Historical Documentary Filmmaking
HIS 598 - Practicum in Historical Narrative

History Master of Arts Degree with Certificate of Advanced Study in Public History

Program of Study (54 credits, divided as follows)

Students enrolled in this program will be required to make their M.A. concentration public history and to take courses and an internship appropriate to one of the three areas of emphasis: Historical Agency Studies, Historical Records Administration, History and Public Policy.

History content, reading, and seminar courses (25 credits): History courses, ad advised, including HIS 621 or HIS 630 or a reading course from any of the other M.A. concentrations as advised, and a research seminar or a thesis (HIS 699).

Professional courses (15 credits): His 501 and 12 credits chosen from among the following: His 503 (required of students emphasizing Historical Agency Studies), 504, 505, 506, 507 (required of students emphasizing History and Public Policy), 508, ISP 501, 611, 646, 650,655, 656 (with consent of director of the program), Pad 500.

Satisfactory completion of a major field examination in Local and Regional History or one of the other M.A. fields as advised.

His 798A, B Internship in Public History (12 credits).

His 797 Directed Reading in Public History (2 credits).

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure

The Employment Disclosure statement regarding the Certificate in Advanced Study in Public History is available at: Gedt.html