For employers

Thank you for your interest in mentoring a University at Albany history major by offering valuable internship experience. Our students have worked successfully in local museums, government agencies, businesses, broadcasting stations, public parks, and more.

What is an internship?

According to the University at Albany’s Internship Handbook, an internship is a form of experiential education.  It is “a partnership between an undergraduate student and an employer to provide supervised practical work experience that complements the student’s academic program. An internship must have a learning component with clearly defined projects and learning goals that draw on the knowledge and skills in the classroom.  An internship must be relevant in some way to the student’s academic major.  When done for academic credit, an internship becomes a three-way partnership between the student, employer, and academic department.”

When should I set up an internship, and whom should I contact?

Internships can be set up at any time, but should work around the university’s academic calendar. For help identifying potential interns, please contact:


For public history internships, please contact Professor Sheila Curran Bernard, Director of the Graduate Program in Public History,