Current Ph.D. Students

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Ansley, John (Ph.D., History)

Academic Background: B.A. Anthropology, Binghamton University; M.S.L.S. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A. Public History, North Carolina State University

Research Interests: Progressive Era, Cold War Era, History of the Book in the U.S. (18th and 19th centuries)

Employment: Currently the Head of Archives and Special Collections at Marist College

Dissertation: "Lowell Thomas in Tibet: American Consciousness, the Cold War, and Shangri La, 1949-1980" (Chair: Professor Gerald Zahavi)


Barbagallo, Tricia (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: “The Poor in Early National Albany” (Chair: Professor Richard Hamm)


Barker, Joanne (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: “The New York State Antebellum Constitutional Conventions and the Rule of Law: The Interaction of Politics and Theory” (Chair: Professor Richard Hamm)

Beach, Bob
(Ph.D., History, American culture, gender, imperialism, Latin America)

Research Interests: Drug users in late 19th early 20th century America, Gender, Commodity studies, Material Culture, Imperialism.

Dissertation: I am working on uncovering the daily experience of drug users in New York City, 1870-1940, with a preliminary focus on marijuana. I am interested in the interrelated processes of identity formation, knowledge production, and material culture of drug using communities, all within the context of a growing hegemonic “sober culture.”


Blanchfield, Joan Fiori (Ph.D., History)


Academic background:  A.B.D., concentration in American cultural history; Phi Alpha Theta; M.A. studio art University at Albany; M.A. art history, honors-public art, Syracuse University

Director Barrett Art Gallery, Utica College of Syracuse University (1982-96)

Research: Modern/Contemporary European/American art; Post-World War II European/American history; Medieval/Renaissance art: tapestries; Aesthetics

Dissertation: "Richard Stankiewicz, ‘Junk’ Sculptor, Second Generation Abstract Expressionist: The Effects of War on His Life and Work, 1922-1983." (Chair: Professor Warren Roberts)


Burns, Jennifer Thompson (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "Black Trojans: The Abolition Campaign of the Free Black Community in Troy, New York, 1830-1865" (Chair: Professor Amy Murrell Taylor)


Daly, Christopher (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation:  "The Two Swords and the Second Empire: Louis Veuillot and the Catholic revival under Napoleon III 1850 - 1870". (Chair: Richard Fogarty)


Donaldson, Thomas (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: “Truth, Justice, and the Status Quo: The Resurgence of Superhero Comics and the Redemption of Masculine Hegemony as the American Way of Gender, 1955-1990” (Chair: Professor Gerald Zahavi)


Gallagher, Patrick (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "Poisoned Hope: MIAs and Myths in the Aftermath of Defeat" (Chair: Professor Dan White)


Herman, Bryan (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: “The Didactic Adventures of the Pre-Revolutionary "Golden Men" in the Land of the Bolsheviks: An Analysis of Zhdanovshchina's Depiction of the Intelligentsia on the Soviet Screen, 1945-1953” (Chair: Professor Nadieszda Kizenko)


Hof-Kenyon, Elke (Ph.D.)


Dissertation: “Warren County: New York:  A Microcosm of the Forensic Revolution, 1970-2002” (Chair: Professor Richard Hamm)


Kelly, Maryann (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "Gendered Patriots and Postrevolutionary Ladies: Girl Guiding and Twentieth Century Mexican Girlhood" (Chair: Professor Susan Gauss)


Krakat, Andrew (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "Black Yearnings: the Quest for Black Citizenship in Albany, New York.” (Chair: Professor Amy Murrell Taylor)


Krischer, Elana (Ph.D., History)


Internships: Albany Hall of Records

Research Interests: American Indian history, Early American Republic, Borderlands history, US policy in Latin America

Awards/fellowships: 2011 SHEAR/Mellon Undergraduate Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Wonhee Lee


Lee, Wonhee (Ph.D., History)


Academic background: M.A. in International Relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) with concentration in China Studies and Korea Studies

Work experience: Research assistant at the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS

Research interests: the history of U.S. foreign policy in Asia, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Sino-Taiwanese relations  



Madison, Josie (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "A Renegado from Christendom and Humanity": The Education of Thomas Sweeny. (Chair: Professor Richard Hamm)




Marotta, Theodore (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "Defending God: Thomas Paine’s Last Crusade and the Contest Over His Memory” (Chair: Professor Richard Hamm)


Martell, Eric (Ph.D., concentration in US History and International History)


Historical Interests include foreign relations between the US and Latin America, US-Cuban relations, United States foreign policy during the Cold War, decolonization, international relations, and the United States during the 1960s. 


Mastan, June (Ph.D. History)


Dissertation: "Answering Democracy’s Call: U.S. Citizen Enlistees in the First World War Canadian Expeditionary Force.” (Chair: Professor Dan White)


McGrath, Thomas (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "Nationalism in New England: Keene, New Hampshire and the American Civil War" (Chair: Professor Amy Murrell Taylor)


McGraw, Sean H. (Ph.D., History)


Academic background: MA Irish Studies, Queen's University of Belfast 2001; MS Information Science, UAlbany 2006; MA European Cultural History, UAlbany 2008

Research interests: British/Celtic Studies (including medieval Anglo-Saxon, the Inquisition, mysticism), LGBT/Gender & Sexuality, Religion: Catholicism, Evangelicalism, Mormonism, the Shakers, Quakers and Utopian communities.

I am also working to collect the oral histories of early members of the Capital District's LGBT community, which includes creating several short documentary films and eventually publications.

Awards/fellowships:  Patricia Stocking-Brown Graduate Award (for the oral history project), Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund award, History Department’s Dissertation Award

Dissertation: "Striving for Salvation: Margaret Anna Cusack, Sainthood, Religious Foundations and Revolution in Ireland, 1830-1922” (Chair: Nadieszda Kizenko)


Mirandola Mullen, Jackie (Ph.D., concentration in U.S. environmental history)


Research interests: coastal conservation, 20th century politics, ecology.

Work experience: Cape Cod National Seashore, Parks & Trails New York, Environmental Advocates of New York

Awards/fellowships:  Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Research Fellowship (John F. Kennedy Library), Joseph E. Persico Dissertation Fellowship, Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund Award, Sherry Penney Award

Dissertation:  "Coastal Parks for a Metropolitan Nation: How Postwar politics and urban growth shaped America's shores" (Chair: Prof. Kendra Smith-Howard)

Missick-Wood, Shannon
(Ph.D., History)

Academic background:  B.A. History, summa cum laude; minor Africana Studies. Honors thesis (2011), “The Fulfillment of Promises: The Genesis of the Africana Studies Department at the University at Albany”

Awards:  Carson Carr Diversity Fellowship Award; Spellman Academic Achievement Award; Member of Phi Alpha Theta

Research interests:  Effects of New Deal public policies on the nation and its lasting impacts on urban centers, including white flight, urban renewal, gentrification, and the evolution of food deserts in urban areas


Moir, Nathaniel L. (Ph.D., History) 


Research Interests:  U.S. history since WWII, military history, Viet-Nam and French-Indochina wars, history of ideas, security studies, military intelligence history, U.S. foreign policy, propaganda, and information operations.


Nuckles, Erica (Ph.D., History)


Academic background:  B.A. Anthropology, University of Wyoming; M.A. Museum Studies, George Washington University

Research interests:  Colonial America, Gender and War, the Atlantic World, Material Culture, Public History

Employment:  Director of History and Collections at Fort Ligonier

Dissertation: “’The Dutch had a very bad opinion of me’ : Charlotte Browne and Anglo-Dutch Relations in Albany During the Seven Years’ War” (Chair: G.J. Barker-Benfield)


Okuhiro, Keita (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "The Hidden Politics of National Defense: The War Department, Congress, and the President, 1939-1941". (Chair: Carl Bon Tempo)


Palella, John (Ph.D., History)


Academic background: BA in history, Ithaca College, 2002; MA in social studies education, NYU, 2005

Research and teaching interests: American gender, social and cultural history: men and masculinity, the family, race & racism, sexuality, bodybuilding & physical fitness, LGBTQ issues; Modern Latin American history: cultural, state and society, LGBTQ issues, men and masculinity; Race and racism in the modern world.

Awards/fellowships: UAlbany Dissertation Research fellowship Award, UAlbany History Department Joseph E. Persico Fellowship, The Patricia Stocking Brown Award for Social Justice Research

Dissertation: "For the Love of Strength and Beauty: American Bodybuilding, Physical Culture, and Gender Construction, 1865-1983" (Chair: Professor Amy Murrell Taylor)


Park, Minkyoung (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: "American Identity in the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair" (Chair: Carl Bon Tempo)

Patterson, Sarah
(Ph.D. concentration in U.S. gender history)

Academic background: M.A. in European History, University at Albany, 2012

Research interests: reproduction, contraception, women and children, social welfare, Progressive Era reform.

Awards: Sherry Penny Award, Joseph Persico Award

President, History Graduate Student Organization. Programming Committee, Researching New York Conference.

Dissertation: “Being Careful: Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes and the Struggle to Dispense Contraceptive Knowledge” (Chair: Professor Kori Graves)

Peabody, Tina (Ph.D., History, concentration in twentieth century U.S. history, with a minor concentration in Latin American history)


Research interests: urban environment and the growth of sanitary infrastructure, the race, class, and gender implications of perceptions of cleanliness, immigration, and U.S./Latin American relations.​

Pergolizzi, Justin Charles
(Ph.D., History)

Historical interests: Ancient Rome (republic to early imperial), military history (warfare in the western world from antiquity to the present), war and culture, empire, grand strategy and power politics.

Research interests: U.S. military, political and cultural history (late 19th/early 20th century), the U.S. Marine Corps and the role of the marines in U.S. foreign policy in the Caribbean.



Spanjer, Daniel (Ph.D., History)


Dissertation: “Lyman Beecher: The Edwardsean Worldview as a Nineteenth Century American Intellectual Tradition” (Chair: Professor Nadia Kizenko)

Steen, Jonathan R.
(Ph.D., History, concentration Cultural History)


Academic Background: State University of New York, University at Albany, English BA. University at Albany, MA Modern European History.

Research Interests:  The Kaiser's Germany through World War One and Nazi Germany, ordinary Wehrmacht soldier's wartime experience and post-war paradigm shift and identity reconstruction.

Work experience: English instructor at Fachhochschule Heilbronn/Heilbronn University, at Schwaebisch Hall, Germany. Guest English at Chin Christian College, Haka, Chin State, Myanmar.

Publications: Co-editor, The Chin People: A selective history and anthropology of the Chin People, Chester U. Strait. Chin Boy: Arrival and Incidents, Florence Strait.

Personal: Lived and studied in field of research - the south of Germany - and became active part of local population for ten years. Guest speaker and instructor involved with an international team focused on the re-integration reconciliation process the of Chin State, Myanmar. 

Stovall, John
(Ph.D., History)
Research Interests: Religion and intellectual history in late Byzantine and early Ottoman studies; Confessionalization and deconfessionalization in early modern Europe; Paul Ricoeur and hermeneutics.