Health Sciences Faculty and their Research Interests

Paul Agris RNA-based drug therapeutics
Elise Andaya Reproductive health
Drew Anderson Eating disorders; anorexia; bulimia
Mary Applegate Reproductive health; breastfeeding
Guthrie S.Birkhead Immunizations; communicable diseases including HIV; integration of public/population health with clinical medicine
Bryon Backenson Infectious and communicable diseases including West Nile and Lyme
Marlene Belfort Introns and inteins in infectious disease.
Eric Block Olfaction
Michael Bloom Human reproduction and fertility
Michele Caggana Human genetic variation influences both disease susceptibility
Jonathan Carp Neuronal plasticity to improve urinary function after spinal cord injury
David Carpenter Human health effects of environmental contaminants
Pinka Chatterji Health economics
Sudha Chaturvedi Fungal and parasite pathogeneses
Sridar V.Chittur Drug discovery; genomics
Dolores Cimini Mental health issues; suicide prevention; alcohol and drug abuse prevention
Hyunok Choi Role of pollutants on health
Kristin Christodulu Autism spectrum disorders; developmental disabilities
Douglas Conklin Cancer genomics; functional genomics; genetics; breast cancer
Keith Chan Immigrant health
Diane Dewar Aging; end-of-life care; palliative care
Dan Fabris RNA-based drug therapeutics
John Forsyth Mental health
James Fossett Healthcare policy; bioethics; Medicaid
Ashley Fox International and comparative public health policy; health equity
Mary Gallant Chronic illness management
Blanca Gonzalez Minority health disparities; barriers to health services
Todd Gray Biomedical Sciences
Edward L. Hannan Evidence-based medicine; medical errors; cardiac surgery; angioplasty
Julia Hastings African-American health and mental health disparities
Jason Herschkowitz Cancer; RNA; stem cells; therapy-resistant cancer cells
Julia M. Hormes Eating disorders; addictive behaviors
Akiko Hosler Diabetes; obesity; smoking; nutrition
Janine Jurkowski Minority health disparities; women's health
Haider A. Khwaja Water and human health issues; health impacts of air pollution
Laura D. Kramer Arthropod-borne viruses
Heather Larkin Substance abuse and co-occurring disorders; post-trauma wellness
Igor Lednev Application of laser spectroscopy for biomedical diagnostics
Melinda Larsen Tissue engineering
Barry Loneck Alcohol and drug dependence treatment; mental health treatment
Susan Madison Molecular biology of parasites
Jennifer Manganello Health communication; health disparities
Philip McCallion Developmental disabilities; Alzheimer's disease; health promotion
Kathleen McDonough TB and plague
Louise-Anne McNutt Infectious diseases; epidemics; HIV/AIDS; sexually transmitted diseases
Anne Messer Gene therapy of brain disorders
Roxana Moslehi Cancer epidemiology and genetics; fetal and placental development
Erika Martin Public health policy and HIV/AIDS
Mark Muraven Addiction
Rabi Musah Evaluation of folkloric, ethno-medical, and traditional medicinal plants
Philip Nasca Breast cancer; cancer of the female reproductive organs; childhood cancers
Li Niu Protein-drug interactions
Cara Pager Liver disease; Hepatitis C
Jayanti Pande Therapies for eye diseases – cataract, glaucoma and macular degeneration
William Alex Pridemore Sociology of health and illness; homicide and suicide rates
Feng (Johnson) Qian Quality of care and patient safety; evaluation of medical technology
Ramune Reliene Genetic toxicology; chemoprevention; animal models of cancer
Estela Rivero Addiction; recovery; prevention
George Robinson Disease ecology
Lawrence Schell Minority health disparities; childhood development; environmental health
Erasmus Schneider Multi-drug resistance in cancer cells
Stewart Sell Stem cells in tissue renewal and carcinogenesis
Hua Shi Engineering approach to drug discovery and development
Benjamin Shaw Epidemiology of aging; health and aging
Carol Stenger AIDS/HIV; sexually transmitted diseases and infections
Kirsten St. George Detecting human pathogenic viruses for surveillance of disease outbreaks
Kate Strully Health and poverty; low birth weight; health and unemployment
Bruce Svare Steroid abuse among athletes
Abigail Snyder-Keller Effects of prenatal drug exposure
Derek Symula Discovery and characterization of genes involved in heart disease
Norma Tavakoli Investigation of viral etiologies of central nervous system infections
Sally Temple Use of stem cells in neurodegenerative diseases and spinal cord injury
Martin Tenniswood Therapeutics for prostate and breast cancer; RNA expression in tumor progression
Ronald Toseland Gerontology
Lynn Warner Substance abuse; mental health policy
Stephen Weinberg Health economics; Medicaid; health services evaluation
Wendy Weller Financing and access to health care; health reform; medical outcomes
JoEllen Welsh Breast cancer; nutrition; obesity
Dwight Williams Health disparities
Edelgard Wulfert Substance abuse; sexual risk behaviors; addiction
Lei Zhu Pollution and health