University at Albany

Students Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient of Student Health Services, you have the right…

  • To respectful and considerate care, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, age or sexual orientation.
  • To confidentially of health information and privacy.
  • To know the name and position of the person(s) attending to you via identification badges.
  • To proper medical advice, care and attention.
  • To an explanation of your diagnosis, medical needs and prognosis
  • To participate in treatment decisions and receive appropriate information to ensure informed consent for any proposed procedure.
  • To refuse medical attention and accept the consequences of doing so.
  • To refuse referrals and accept the consequences of doing so.
  • To follow-up care.
  • To change providers.
  • To access medical records when requested in writing.
  • To refuse or approve the release or disclosure of the content of his/her medical record except as required by law.
  • To know what is billable to you before services have been rendered.
  • To have access to a fee schedule in every department.
  • To report a grievance to the Medical Director, VP of Student Affairs or the New York State Department of Health.


As a patient of Student Health Services, you have the responsibility…

  • To schedule appointments in advance, keep appointments, be prompt and call ahead to cancel an appointment.
  • To provide complete and accurate medical and psychological history (including medication history). 
  • To follow the provider’s treatment plan as prescribed.
  • To ask questions if you do not understand what the provider has told you.
  • To be respectful of all Student Health Services staff and property.
  • To pay for all charges billed to you.
  • To know your insurance name and policy number