University at Albany

Post Graduation and Summer Medical Care Policy

The medical services at Student Health Services are for currently registered University of Albany students . However, recognizing that (1) a student whose student status was recently terminated (“former student”) may seek health services after termination of his/her student status at the University at Albany; (2) the former student had been under the care of Student Health Services just prior to the termination of student status; and (3) the former student may suffer adversely from an abrupt discontinuation of medical services; then, under these three (3) conditions, it is permissible to provide care to a former student for up to three (3) weeks post termination of registered student status under the following limitations:

1) Care is for follow-up regarding previously diagnosed medical problems only.

2) No new medical problems are addressed at this time, unless emergent.

3) The former student shall be advised that treatment will cease in three (3) weeks, he/she shall be actively encouraged to seek medical care and treatment from other health care professionals and the same shall be put in writing to the former student.

4) The former student shall be informed that pharmacy benefits ceased upon de-registration, and therefore, the student shall be informed that he/she will have to fill any prescriptions at an independent pharmacy at his/her own expense.

5) In-house lab work shall not be obtained. If lab work is required for a former student, a script for the lab work and a referral to an outside lab shall be supplied to the former student. The former student shall be informed that such lab services will be at his/her own expense.

6) Any student may see the medical director (or designee) for a discussion of any medical issue as it pertains to any administrative concern.

7) With regards to both domestic and international students who desire Student Health Services (and have not graduated) during the summer break, they will be assessed a one-time fee of $36. This one time fee will allow unlimited access to Student Health Services for the remainder of the summer semester. This benefit is for students reporting they are returning for the fall semester. There is no Pharmacy benefit included with this $36 fee.

This procedure has been reviewed and endorsed by the Vice President of Student Affairs.